A child’s cry for help after years of bullying at school: ‘I don’t want to live anymore, mom’

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“I can’t take my life anymore. I don’t want to live anymore”, These are the words of a 13-year-old boy to his mother after being bullied for more than two years. A hell that does not stop and for which his mother, Sheila, has decided to report to the media the situation of vulnerability and danger that this minor and the entire family are going through.

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The boy, who lives in Tenerife, Spain, is truly terrified of going to school due to the assaults and physical harassment he suffered from some classmates, between 12 and 14 years old.

Bullying done by several bullies It led him to change schools twice.

Serious head injury

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At the first school where one of the attackers was, she punched him and threw him down the stairs, an attack which caused him, according to Sheila, andthe sinking of the skull up to three centimeters. The mother shared recordings of the events on the internet to prove this and other attacks. In another of the videos, the mother shows her wounds and paints herself on her back with disqualifying words of all kinds.

When Sheila reported the serious attacks to the Education Council of the Canary Islands government, they urged her, she claims, to change her son’s school instead of taking action against the attackers. Complicated thing because the attackers, minors of 14 years, have no criminal liability.

Far from ceasing physical and psychological violence, bullying persisted in the second center. All these attacks led to two suicide attempts and, to date, he is medicated and undergoing psychiatric treatment. And although in this last school he managed to find the security that every child should receive in an educational center, the bullies have discovered where the child lives and are waiting for him at his door.

thanks from the mother

Sheila shared words of gratitude, through social networks, to all the people and entities who took an interest in her son’s physical and emotional health and supported the situation that so many families suffer on a daily basis.

The virality achieved by the public denunciation of this family has meant that thousands of people wrote to them showing their support. “I know she’s going to get out of this, but she needs a lot of help,” this mother said in a video. A few words that break anyone after she herself admitted that she feels “very lonely” and “needs help”. And she added: “I will fight for my son, for those who are not there and for those who are going through all this”.


One in five schoolchildren is bullied in Spain, according to the NACE Association (No School Bullying Association). Of them, only 15% of victims dare to tell their relatives or teachers.

A study published in 2019 on the perception of bullying in Spanish society revealed that, of the nearly 2,000 children and young people aged between 5 and 19 surveyed, 46% said they were aware of cases of bullying in their school. This report from the Educar es todo e Totto platform also revealed a devastating fact: only three out of 10 victims received support from the centre.

Source: The Vanguard

Source: Clarin

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