Kim Kardashian Paid $200,000 at Auction for Iconic Jewel Worn by Princess Diana

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The star of his reality show, Kim Kardashianalmost delivered $197,000 be with a unique and iconic jewel used by Lady Diat an auction held by Sotheby’s in London.

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Kardashian, 42, won the auction for the Atallah cross pendant encrusted with diamonds and purple amethyst. The jewel will join Elizabeth Taylor’s set of bracelets for which she paid $65,000 in 2011, and Jackie Kennedy’s watch, which in 2017 represented a $379,500 investment.

According to the English newspaper The daily maila source close to Kardashian revealed that the celeb is “honored to be able to own a beautiful piece of jewelry once worn by the late princess.”

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“Diana was a woman of incredible style, beauty and grace. Kim is honored to own such a fine jewel which was once worn by the late princess,” the source told

Furthermore, they specified that the “beautiful cross pendant will add to your growing jewelry collectionall pieces worn by strong and iconic women who inspired Kim”.

Lady Diana, who often made headlines for her bold fashion choices before tragically dying in a car crash in 1997, wore the glittering jewel at a charity gala in London in October 1987.

She paired the luxurious necklace with a long-sleeved burgundy and black velvet gown, with a ruffled neckline, and between the eye-catching pendant and elegant gown, the princess dazzled at the event.

The massive cross pendant was made in the 1920s by Garrard jewelry and, according to Vogue, Diana was a friend of the owner, British businessman Naim Atallah. The tycoon, who died in 2021, had lent it to him for the event.

“Few people could make this piece, but Diana really did it”, Naim’s son Ramsay Atallah told the outlet in December.

“When I was a kid we always had it on the table for Christmas dinner but nobody wore it except Diana and it hasn’t been seen in public since she died,” he added.

At Sotheby’s, the head of the jewelery department, Kristian Spofforth, explained ahead of the auction that “the jewels owned or worn by the late Princess Diana they rarely go to market especially a piece like the Atallah cross, which is so colourful, bold and distinctive.”

“Until a certain point, this unusual pendant is a symbol of the princess’s growing self-confidence in her clothing and jewelry choices, at that particular time in her life,” she added.

Prior to the auction, the auction house was confident that Garrard’s one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry from the 1920s would attract buyers’ attention.

“With such an outstanding provenance, and one that only the Princess herself has ever worn, it will attract the attention of a wide variety of bidders, including collectors of royal and noble jewels, as well as fans of the Princess eager to share some of her story,” they said. .

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Source: Clarin

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