“Ted Lasso”: the Apple TV+ series for football lovers that is all the rage

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AppleTV+ launched a series that quickly became a favorite among users. It concerns “Ted Lasso”the most watched series on the platform since its launch.

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Hero Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein, the production received rave reviews leading it to the industry’s most prestigious awards. But to the sadness of his fans, the end of “Ted Lasso” is getting closer every day.

What is “Ted Lasso” about?

The plot follows ted lassoa college football coach hired by the AFC RichmondEnglish Premier League club, to avoid relegation.

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There Lasso will have to adapt to a totally different sport from the one he practiced and deal with players eager to demonstrate their talent and with the club’s managers, who, given the poor results, will put him under increasing pressure.

Critics have given totally favorable returns to the Apple series. In the IMDb, a site specializing in film criticism, obtained an average score of 8.8 out of 223,000 reviews, a value that places it in 80th position of the best series according to the medium; On the other hand, the website Rotten tomatoes gave it an 85% audience approval rating and a 95% site review rating.

When does the next season of ‘Ted Lasso’ air?

The third season of the series was delayed due to last minute script changes and production delays, so it would only be released between March and May of 2023. Also, to the sadness of the fans, the creators have announced that this will be theirs last season.

Main cast of the series

  • Jason Sudeikis – Ted Lasso
  • Brett Goldstein-Roy Kent
  • Brendan Hunt – Coach Beard
  • Nick Mohammed – Nathan Shelley
  • Hannah Waddingham – Rebecca Welton
  • Jeremy Swift-Higgins
  • Temple of Juno – Keeley Jones
  • Toheeb Jimoh – Sam Obisanya

Source: Clarin

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