Political crisis in Peru: after a night of fury, President Dina Boluarte says she will not resign

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The massive protest in central Lima led by thousands of people to demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte ended with violent clashes with the policea historic building burned down and the resistance of the president, who ruled out the resignation and assured that “the government is at a standstill”.

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However, for this Friday a new day is foreseen of anti-government marches.

‘They won’t intimidate us, they won’t intimidate us’, warn protesters against Boluarte in Lima.

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The protesters are calling for the resignation of President Boluarte, the sanction for those responsible for the more than forty gunshot deaths of the security forces, the closure of the right-controlled Congress, elections for this year 2023 and a Constituent Assembly. Some sectors even the release of former president Pedro Castillo.

“We have been very clear in our orders, it is a common platform nationwide. What is happening in this country it’s a massacre”, says social leader Olinda Vertel.

a black thursday

Thousands of protesters, mostly from the south of the country, have gathered around the San Martín square in the Peruvian capital since the early hours of Thursday, the scene of the latest episode of the political crisis that has engulfed the Andean country for years. month.

Protesters, who had initially gathered peacefully on a street near the square, ran into some 11,000 policemen manning the square. Some threw rocks and bottles at the policemen, who They responded by firing tear gas..

The protests, which began around noon, continued throughout the day. At night, a historic building near the demonstration area It is burnt and the firefighters scrambled to put out the blaze which spread several meters into the sky.

Fire chief Luis Ponce said he did not know the origin of the fire and whether it had any relation to the protests. He added that No casualties or injuries were reported..

In a press release released together with a group of ministers at the Government Palace in Lima, President Dina Boluarte denied intending to resign.

“I want to deny the fake news (…) the government is at a standstill and his cabinet more united than ever”, underlined the president.

The president assured that, despite the increase in protests and clashes, she maintains her call for dialogue with the political and social forces that call for his resignation and the closure of Congressas well as the calling of general elections and a constituent assembly.

“Once again an invitation to dialogue, an invitation to calm”, he remarked.

incidents in the south

At the same time, in Arequipa, the second city of Peru, one protester was killed and 10 others were injured during a pitched battle between law enforcement and a thousand outraged people who tried to storm the airport with stones, only to be driven back with tear gas.

“We regret the death of one person during clashes at the Añashuayco bridgea street that lies north of the city,” the ombudsman’s office said on Twitter, which asked the prosecution for a swift investigation into the facts to determine responsibilities.

Source: agencies and RFI

Source: Clarin

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