How to darken gray hair naturally with three daily foods

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No matter how much knowledge about life you have, unfortunately not all beauty advice that is repeated over and over again is true. Nor the lessons you heard in your hairdressing hours or in the eternal talk to friends about gray hair and everything they bring with them.

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That is why it is time to rebel against so much information that is taken for granted, even if it is without much foundation.

Therefore, if at some point you no longer feel like walking through life with hair that white, regardless of the good reputation that gray hair has today in both men and women, here is a series of tips so that with three readily available foods you can give your hair a darker shade.

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Avocado or avocado mask to darken gray hair

Use an avocado mask to darken gray hair. For this you only need an avocado -in many countries it is also known as palta- and a spoonful of olive oil.

You should mash the avocado and add the tablespoon of olive oil. then remove until the mixture is homogeneous.

Then you need to wash your hair regularly and apply avocado mask, leaving it on for 30 minutes. Then remove it with warm water.

Ginger to darken gray hair

Ginger is also useful for darkening gray hair. The steps are as follows:. Necessary grated ginger and two cups of water.

Heat the water, add a spoonful of grated ginger and leave boil about 15 minutes. Then you have to filter it and store it in the refrigerator.

So, that liquid must apply it on the hair, massage and leave to act for 30 minutes and then wash it off with water.

Tea and rosemary to get rid of gray hair

Tea and rosemary also serve to darken gray hair. In the case of tea, you have to boil two bags in water and leave to cool. Then pass it on the hair and always rinse it with very cold water, never warm or boiling.

Rosemary is the last natural product we recommend to give color to your gray hair. To do this: you just need to make rosemary tea like, with four tablespoons of rosemary per half liter of water.

After, smear hair and massage it for 10 minutes to finish washing with very cold water.

Myths and truths about gray hair

“Grey hair is a sign of aging”

FALSE. Although we are all assailed by a feeling of old age and deterioration, gray hair is not an unequivocal symptom of the passage of time. Gray hair itself is hair that has lost its natural color due to reduced melanin production. This slowing down of the process can be associated with old age, but also with the stress and problems we have to live with.

“If you pull out one gray hair, you take two”

FALSE. This is not to encourage you to start your gray hair, but the truth is that if you did, nothing would happen. Now where does such a lie come from? Apparently it is an optical effect: as the white hair comes out little by little and in groups, when it grows the new one will appear together with others that are already part of the process.

“Gray hair comes out due to stress or nerves”

REAL. Whether you believe the stress thing or not, the truth is that excessive activity and its consequent nerves accelerate the oxidative process, i.e. aging. Sadness, arguments, worries and low moods significantly affect the appearance of gray hair.

“Gray hair doesn’t fall out”

FALSE. Because gray hair has a new, thick and strong texture, it is often believed that it will not fall out. But the truth – and this goes for the delusion of men – is that gray hair follows the same rate of growth and loss as normal hair.

“It’s the Genes Fault”

REAL. You convince yourself that the presence of gray hair is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Now how to explain such an invasion when you are 25 years old and have limited life experience? It seems that the problem is genetic. Specialists ensure that it is written in the DNA as an inexorable destiny and impossible to overturn.

In normal situations, hair starts turning white around the age of 30. It’s the age in which we all run to our trusted hairdresser looking not only for a few words of comfort, but also for something to eliminate gray hair from our lives.

Source: Clarin

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