Home World News Went on a Tinder date, fell into a sex cult, and appeared dismembered in 14 parts

Went on a Tinder date, fell into a sex cult, and appeared dismembered in 14 parts

Went on a Tinder date, fell into a sex cult, and appeared dismembered in 14 parts

For the special evening Sidney Loofe, 24 years old he had chosen a white jacket and cream shirt. After looking in the mirror over and over again and checking her makeup, the young woman snapped a selfie which she shared on Snapchat with the caption, “Ready for my date.” She never imagined that her Tinder date would end in the worst possible way.

Sydney was smiling at the camera and looking excited. She even added a heart-shaped eyes emoji. Her loved ones knew she struggled with depression, but she always tried to stay positive.

A tattoo on the arm was rather a symbol: “Everything will be wonderful one day”. And the new romance filled this girl from Nebraska, USA with hope.

Date another Tinder girl

Sydney lived in Lincoln, the state capital and second most populous city, where he worked as a cashier in a hardware store. Her parents George and Susie lived three hours apart, but she was in daily communication and they met often.

It was November 15, 2017 when the girl told her friends that she had met a woman named Audrey on tinder, rebuild and report Mirror. She even showed them what she looked like in a photo for typical opinions.

She confessed to them that she was thrilled, because two days earlier she had taken the first step simply to get to know her. And now it’s time to a second appointmentin this case the most important.

The next morning, both his close friends and colleagues eagerly awaited the details of the meeting. but Sydney He didn’t show up at the hardware store and didn’t even reply to texts from his parents. Beyond what a date night might bring, they began to worry and went looking for her at her apartment.

Upon arriving at the property, they found their cat starving. Sydney would never neglect her loyal pet Mimzy. Her car was still there and her cell phone was turned off. It was when they finished confirming it something bad had happened and they went to file a police report.

Disappearance and police investigation

According to police, the last time the phone was turned on was in Wilber, about 35 miles away. In the initial confusion there was speculation that Sydney had been kidnapped. It was then that her parents made an emotional public plea for her safe return.

Investigators focused on the Tinder dating trail. They traced Audrey’s phone number, which confirmed her meeting with Sydney, but she said she dropped her off at a friend’s house afterwards. Though she couldn’t remember where exactly.

However, something caught the attention of the police. Audrey replied in monosyllables, obnoxious and reluctant to share basic details about her. Finally it was discovered that her name was not that, but that her name was Bailey Boswellthen 23 years old, and who she lived with her older boyfriend Aubrey Trail, 51in Wilber.

Tip lines led to the discovery that Boswell had been using a different mobile phone to text Sydney, and that phone, that of his partner Trail, and the victim’s phone led officers nearly 100 kilometers west of Wilber.

Terrifying discovery of the dismembered corpse

On December 4, the worst news arrives: the discovery of Sydney’s body. But with the peculiarity that it had been dismembered into 14 pieces, stuffed into garbage bags that were dumped into ditches in a field near Omaha, Nebraska

Cruelty has reached the point thatSome of his organs and body parts have never been found.. The cause of death has finally been found suffocation and she had resisted to the end.

He was also found to have a torn earlobe, bruises on his wrists, inner thighs and head.

a left pair

Boswell and Trail turned out to be a couple as creepy as they were sinister. She had met him through an online massage ad. He had a young daughter who he lost custody of.

Trail and Boswell moved into a basement together in Wilber in mid-2017 and began raising money by scamming antique dealers.

The couple he enjoyed group sex with other women, who they met through the Tinder application. Trail told them stories about “gaining power” by killing people. Police accurately determined that Boswell had lured Sydney into a trap and had been murdered, press reports at the time.

Prior to the death date, surveillance footage showed Trail and Boswell shopping for tools and bleach. The couple were arrested in June 2018 and charged with Sydney’s murder..

Sex, lies and versions

Trail’s statements varied and showed his mythomaniac profile. He had earlier told a local newspaper that Sydney had accepted being part of a sexual fantasy with him and two other women. And the fight goes, the action comes something had tightened around Sydney’s neckMeanwhile, he specified, Boswell had passed out from drugs in another room.

Trail also told his lawyers that he had thrown a “sex party” with just Boswell and Sydney. And that the latter she was handcuffed, he strangled her with an electric cable in search of ecstasy and killed her.

However, during his 2020 courtroom trial, Trail would once again change his story.

Prosecutors concluded that the evil couple planned to kill someone before finding Sydney on Tinder. Boswell allegedly got in touch with the woman after she and Trail picked a target together by searching social media.

They had even determined that Sydney would be ideal, as she lived 150 miles from her family, which is why her disappearance would take a reasonable amount of time to come to light.

Hours before Sydney’s death, Trail and Boswell were shopping for the tools and supplies used to dismember her. All evidence that puts them in the crosshairs of the crime.


Trail was enraged by his girlfriend’s guilty verdict: “Bailey is innocent and I curse you all!” he yelled before resorting to a knife to try and slit her throat. In fact, he ended up missing most of his own trial.

The pair’s defense argued that Sydney had done it he agreed to be filmed doing “sexual asphyxiation” in exchange for money. But once again the 53-year-old shocked his own legal team on the witness stand by admitting that too was a lie.

“It was just me, Bailey and Sydney that night. There weren’t two other girls there. $15,000 was not paid for a sexual fantasy,” said Trail, who was in charge of pointing out that Sydney’s murder was unplanned, but that he had frightened when she was “invited” to join their sexual circle and criminal activities.

Since they couldn’t expose themselves or leave loose ends, when the young woman resisted, Trail killed and dismembered her with a saw to “protect” her way of life.

Vampires, murders and crimes

As for their practices, three testified that they were lured into the cult of sex Trail and Boswell via Tinder between June 2017 and Sydney’s death in November. As hilarious as it is sinister, Trail said so he was a vampire who could fly and read minds. and they could get more “powers” by killing peopleeven more if they had been tortured first.

The women would have sex with Trail and Boswell in exchange for a monthly monetary fee, which included help in antique trade scams. They were to call him “Papa” and Boswell “the witch queen”.

There were strict rules and if they were not respected the punished appeared as slaps or were hanged with a belt. When a woman left the sex cult, she was threatened kill his family if he revealed the secrets to anyone.

The moment of condemnation

The couple has been announced guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to conspiracy and unlawful disposal of human remains.

In front of three judges last June, he admitted to the crime in Sydney, while insisting that it was not premeditation. He ended up killing her because he was worried he was looking for the police, the British media expands.

“I won’t apologize because I don’t think there is such a thing. I’ve done terrible things in my life, but this is the one thing I’ve done that I truly regret,” Trail finally highlighted.

However, the Court showed evidence of “cold and calculated” planning, noting that he had even bragged about the murder and later joked that he drank Sydney’s blood. also that ddismembering her body was meant to satisfy her “intellectual and sexual curiosity”.

Trail and Boswell were sentenced to death penalty, although with the latter there was a different point of view: a judge did not agree with the death penalty, so Boswell was sentenced to life in prison. without conditional. The lawyers said they will appeal the ruling.

Source: Clarin


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