Chinese New Year 2023: how is the legend of Nian, origin of millenary traditions

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This Sunday February 22nd Chinese New Year starts in 2023. Yes, with the arrival of the first new moon of the year, China welcomes the new year 4721.

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Known worldwide as the “Spring Festival”In that country, traditionally the festivities begin on New Year’s Eve and end two weeks later with the “Lantern Festival”.

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The Year of the Water Rabbit begins

In this 2023, the Chinese New Year announces the start of year of the water rabbit -and the end of the year of the Water Tiger-. The rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture, so it should be a year of tranquility and hope.

In the field of relationsthe year of water bunny it will help us discern which bonds will continue to accompany us and which will not.

How is the legend of Nian

Though good luck and positive energy rituals are enacted behind the doors, the outside is dressed in typical street lampsnoises, lights and clicks, and the inevitable red objects who say they are present in the usual meetings of this feast.

But beyond the classic images that we all recognize immediately, do we know the meaning and origin of each of these elements? In fact, everyone has a particular symbolism related to A ancient tradition whose origins date back to an ancient legend.

This ancient story tells that there was a evil carnivorous monster -half dragon and half unicorn- called Nian. Extremely strong, he had an enormous head, horns and sharp claws, and his growls were so loud that they were heard all over China.

Nian lived at the bottom of the sea all year round, but every new year he would go up to the earth to devour the people and livestock he found. That’s why, according to legend, the inhabitants of small towns near the coast flocked hide and protect yourself from him every beginning of the year.

One day a beggar –a mysterious gray-haired old man- arrived in a city and trying to find shelter he realized that everyone was fleeing desperately. Only a woman gave him shelter, care and assistance. But yes, she set a condition: he had to convince Nian to leave to avoid more death and tragedy.

Thus, at night, when the monster approached the house where the beggar was staying, the the red ornaments that decorated it made him angrybut when he came to attack her, he began to feel explosions generated by bamboo branches And it started tremble.

At that moment, the gray-haired man He came out completely dressed in red and the frightened Nian ran away.

For this reason, from that moment until today, the Chinese receive every New Year’s Eve with their houses decorated with red objects, they light up the doors with lanterns of the same color and launch firecrackers and fireworks.

This is his way of scare the monster and wish a good time.

Source: Clarin

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