The riddle that can only be solved under the Eiffel Tower in 2113 and the world awaits

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there are few mysteries in the last decade that represent a real puzzle like the riddle of Evolution of testsa racing game that in 2012 caused a real world treasure hunt that is far from over.

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Developed by RedLynx for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, this video game contained hidden messages and other curiosities that caused a sensation. And this puts the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

Video game, message and enigma

The story began shortly after the release of Trials Evolution on Xbox Live Arcade.

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It was then that players began to discover a series of wooden planks which, when put together, formed a coded message that he managed to decipher and see that it was a set of instructions.

The target? Performing a secret maneuver in the game that unlocked a song that was, again, another puzzle, he describes in a note the BBC.

The challenge that went from screen to real life

Enigma after enigma, the mystery jumped from the screen to the real world when players have discovered a website showing clues and coordinates.

But where were they pointing? Overs? If right. The goal was to find out four hidden chests in four extremely distant places in the world: San Francisco (USA), Sydney (Australia), Bath (England) and Helsinki (Finland).

In the first three chests they found keys and metal tags with the beginning of a sentence: “It seemed like forever”corresponding to an excerpt from the novel Under the same starby John Green.

However, the fourth chest contained another key and various items, including an antique pocket watch from 1916 and a metal tag with the following message engraved on the back: “Noon of the year 2113. First Saturday in August. One of the five keys will open the box. Under the Eiffel Tower”specify the portal 20 minutes.

In this way, the participants who surrendered at the feet of this research achieved the last and last clue of the incredible riddle that they will never really solve, as that task will match future generations.

What the challenge creator says in the world

Antti Ilvessuothe creator of this great enigma and founder of RedLynx in 2000 with his brother Atte, said in an interview with the BBC: “The enigma is really important to me, because it brought people together who wanted to solve it”.

After a decade, keep going without revealing any details about what will be found beneath the iconic 300m high tower in Paris, although some have taken their exhaustive research as a metaphor of how the world should work.

“It was very meaningful to me. I’ve always said you have to be able to trust people, that people are smart and curious. And the right way to solve the problems of the world we live in is with people like that, working together,” Ilvessuo said.

Some fans of this riddle that has its solution in the distant future speculate that its outcome, though they never know it, will be really exciting: Only time will have the answer.

Source: Clarin

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