G7 foreign ministers meeting… Commitment to support Ukraine’s energy sector

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The G7 and other partner countries have committed to maintaining support for Ukraine’s energy sector through the winter, the US State Department announced.

According to The Guardian and Japan’s NHK on the 24th (local time), the US State Department announced this after the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting co-hosted by Secretary of State Tony Blincoln and Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa.

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The meeting was held online via video format and was attended by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleva and foreign ministers from European countries.

Countries agreed to maintain support for Ukraine’s energy sector, including providing equipment and other humanitarian aid through the winter.

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Countries agreed to continue to coordinate efforts to modernize and decarbonize Ukraine’s energy grid.

The ministers also reiterated their calls for Russia to end its attacks on Ukraine’s energy and heating systems.

According to Japanese media, Foreign Minister Hayashi announced that Japan is promoting the donation of about 300 generators and 83,500 solar lanterns that can be charged with solar power in sequence. It is an emergency response to Ukraine suffering from electricity shortage.

Foreign Minister Hayashi expressed that Japan, as the chair of the G7 this year, will strongly promote the international community’s winter support for Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Kuleba expressed appreciation for the fact that the G7 is addressing Ukraine’s energy sector as a major agenda item.

Meanwhile, according to foreign media such as dpa news agency, Germany is expected to announce its official position sooner or later after supporting its own main battle tank, the Leopard 2, to Ukraine and allowing re-exports by other countries.

Attention is focusing on whether discussions on Germany’s support for Leopard 2 took place at this G7 foreign ministers’ meeting.

Initially, Germany was passive in providing the Leopard 2, and stated that it could not support its main tank, the Leopard 2, unless the United States supported the main tank ‘Abrams’.

In a telephone conversation between the leaders of the United States and the United States on the 17th, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reportedly presented the condition that the United States should also support Abrams in order to supply Ukraine with German-made Leopard 2 tanks owned by Germany and Western countries.

Source: Donga

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