Jacinda Ardern has left the New Zealand government and her successor, Chris Hipkins, has already been sworn in

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Jacinda Ardern resigned as New Zealand prime minister on Wednesdayfollowing his surprise resignation as prime minister last week.

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your ally Chris Hipkins44 years old, swore like new prime minister before the Governor General of New Zealand, in a ceremony held in the country’s capital, Wellington.

“This is the greatest privilege and responsibility of my life”Hipkins said after taking office. “I am motivated and excited about the challenges ahead,” he added.

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Ardern said last week that he didn’t have “the energy” to continue after leading the country through natural disasters, the worst terrorist attack in its history and the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her last public appearance as prime minister on Wednesday morning, she exited Parliament before hundreds of passers-by broke into spontaneous applause, AFP news agency reported.

His centre-left government has struggled over the past two years with rising inflation, a possible recession and the rise of the Conservative opposition.

Hipkins, the architect of New Zealand’s response to the pandemic, is now faced with the task of lifting the government’s low approval rating ahead of the general election in October.

Father of two children and nicknamed “Chippy”Hipkins it is considered a “regular, ordinary kiwi”comes from a working class family and loves to cycle to work.

“Covid-19 and the pandemic created a health crisis. It has now created an economic crisis and that’s what my administration will focus on,” Hipkins previously said.

Upon announcing his departure from government, Ardern had expressed: “I’ve slept well for the first time in a long time. But I’m in a flurry of emotions. I feel sad, but I also have a sense of relief,” Ardern admitted. last Friday in press statements.

She also said she was overwhelmed by the responses she received from international and New Zealand leaders who regretted her departure.

Although Hipkins was the only candidate, other possibilities were also considered, such as the justice minister, Kiri Allan, or the transport minister, Michael Wood.

The former president had announced that he would leave office on February 7. However, for reasons that have not been disclosed, the change of command in New Zealand is happening two weeks early.

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Source: Clarin

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