What are the best exercises according to Harvard University

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Keeping fit, feeling healthy and enjoying your body are, for many, an entire way of life. Is that doing exercises makes us feel full, beyond the activity that is practiced.

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While running seems to be the sport with the most followers, there are other disciplines that help control weight, improve balance and range of motion, strengthen bone mass, protect joints and even prevent memory loss.

These are the best exercises for everyone, according to the prestigious Harvard University.

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1. Swimming

For the experts of this university, swimming is the perfect workoutespecially for people with arthritis or who are in the process of rehabilitation.

“Swimming is good for people with arthritis because it carries less weight,” explains Dr. I-Min Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Research has found that swimming too can improve mental state and put him in a good mood. Water aerobics is another option. They also help burn calories and tone up.


This Chinese martial art is also called “moving meditation”. It is a perfect activity for physical and mental health as it combines movement and relaxation. “It’s especially good for older people because work the balancean important component of physical condition and that we lose as we age,” explains Dr. Lee, according to the website Runners World.

3. Strength training

Many think that strength training is recommended for people who want to hypertrophy their muscles. Hand. This type of training serves to increase muscle mass, which is vitally important, since “if muscles are not used they will lose strength over time”. Muscle also helps burn calories. “The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, making it easier to maintain body weight,” says Dr. Lee.

Naturally, before starting to do strength exercises, whether with your own weight or with the use of equipment, you must consult a sports professional so that he can draw up a gradual plan that will help you increase your weight and thus exploit the best benefits. Benefits.

4. Walk

walking is a simple yet powerful activitysays Harvard. It helps keep fit, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, control blood pressure, improve mood and reduce the risk of a number of diseases (diabetes and heart disease, for example).

Several studies have shown that walking and other physical activities can even do this improve memory and resist age-related memory loss.

All you need is a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes. Start by walking for about 10-15 minutes at a time. Over time, you may start walking faster and faster, until you walk for 30-60 minutes. most days of the week.

5. Kegel exercises

These exercises won’t help you look your best, but they do something just as important: strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder. Strong pelvic floor muscles can go a long way in preventing incontinence. While many women are familiar with Kegel exercises, these exercises can also benefit men.

To perform a Kegel exercise correctly, tense the muscles you would use to avoid urinating or passing gas. Hold the contraction for two or three seconds and then release it. Make sure you fully relax your pelvic floor muscles after the contraction, advises Dr. Lee ten repetitions four or five times a day.

Source: Clarin

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