Chinese netizens ‘Chinese New Year’ live… Indeed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China marks ‘Lunar New Year’

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Recently, some Chinese netizens posted malicious comments on the British Museum’s SNS, which wrote ‘Lunar New Year’ in English as ‘Lunar New Year’ and argued that ‘Chinese New Year’ was the correct expression, but the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the official Xinhua It turned out that the communication was written as ‘Lunar New Year’ rather than ‘Chinese New Year’.

On the 26th, Sungshin Women’s University Professor Seo Kyeong-duk posted on his social media account, “During the Lunar New Year holiday, the English notation of ‘Lunar New Year’ became a big issue at home and abroad. As a result, Koreans in China reported it, and it was revealed that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the state-run news agency Xinhua News Agency also used the ‘Lunar New Year’ notation.”

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On the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the title of Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s ‘New Year’s Greetings’ last year was written as ‘Lunar New Year’ in English, and a file uploaded to the Xinhua News Agency’s SNS a few days ago also confirmed that the Lunar New Year was written as ‘Lunar New Year’. .

Prof. Seo pointed out, “In this way, Chinese authorities also use ‘Lunar New Year’ in English for ‘Lunar New Year’, but due to the irrational behavior of ignorant Chinese netizens, only China’s image is further degraded.”

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He said, “Recently, the British Museum described it as ‘Korean Lunar New Year’ on social media, but changed it to ‘Chinese New Year’ after being attacked by Chinese netizens. They are under the illusion that anything can be changed if they commit themselves, and the British Museum’s action this time is truly regrettable. This is because the British Prime Minister also clearly expressed it as ‘Lunar New Year’ during his speech at the Lunar New Year event.”

“However, in places around the world, including the official SNS of Disneyland in the United States and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, despite the terrorism of Chinese netizens’ comments, ‘Lunar New Year’ is adhered to. It can be seen that the notation of ‘Lunar New Year’ is gradually increasing in recent years,” he added.

Lastly, Professor Suh emphasized, “The distorted Sinocentrism and cultural hegemonic ideas of Chinese netizens are informing the world of Seol, a universal culture in Asia, as if it were a culture unique to China, which must be corrected.” reporter Song Chi-hoon [email protected]

Source: Donga

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