Ricardo Montaner called Indigo “she” and caused a stir in the networks: “It will be her because she is not binary according to her parents”

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Ricardo Montaner uploaded a photo of himself with Indigo and it caused an unexpected stir. How come? Why did he refer to his niece as “her” like her parents, Camilo and Eve Moonthey said they wanted to raise their child as a genderless person until Indigo decides.

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She and I are going on vacation… #IndigoySuAbuelito,” wrote Ricardo next to a photo of him carrying Índigo in his arms.

In a note with EFE, the singer’s daughter had declared: “Whether it’s a boy or a girl, it will be called Índigo, it’s a word that means a lot to us. It’s not just the name of a color, which we love, but a presence of light that has been in humanity for millennia.”

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The reactions

For this reason, a discussion arose in the comments to the post that Montaner probably didn’t expect to arise.

Although there were those who supported the decision of Evaluna and Camilo, most of Montaner’s followers congratulated him for referring to Indigo with the pronoun “she”.

“It will be him because he is non-binary according to his parents” and “People and his master’s degree in opinionology, it’s true. They use this medium to release the poison inside” were two of the more contemplative comments towards the parents.

But the others reneged on their decision. “If she’s a girl and you have to call her that, how terrible of her parents pretending to go against nature,” wrote, for example, one person.

“She’s a girl for God’s sake, she has all the characteristics of a girl because they’re going to change her gender, crazy…”, “Very good Ricardo Montaner, she’s a girl and you should treat her like one regardless of what she says the generation de cristal” and “At least identify that it is a girl”, you could read below.

“Congratulations to you, Montaner, for identifying her. You don’t know what a big mistake today’s parents are making, which is binary? Well, seeing as they grow up, they choose what they should or want to be, it’s another story, but in the meantime, sex is defined,” another user reflected.

non-binary education

Indigo’s birth was announced by Evaluna and Camilo on April 9, 2022. At first, the baby’s name, born a girl, caused quite a stir due to its strangeness, but her parents immediately took the trouble to explain it.

The decision had to do with her taste for color, but above all because it is a neutral word that applies to anyone regardless of gender.

This goes hand in hand with the decision to treat Indigo as a non-binary person until she decides which gender she does or does not want to identify with.

For this reason, Evaluna and Camilo did not have the boy or girl reveal ceremony nor did they want to know Indigo’s gender until she was born.

Source: Clarin

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