Video: She forces her daughter to sell sweets on the street because she doesn’t like studying

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A father who is angry because his daughter does not want to study has made a drastic decision: he has forced her to stay on the street in her school uniform to sell sweet marzipan. The video went viral on TikTok and raised controversy: Was it an excess?

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“How much is marzipan? Get to work as a marzipan maker. She yells, ‘Marzipan, marzipan! I’m not good at school, I don’t like it, now I’m going to sell marzipan.’

Given the situation, the girl appears nervous, distressed.

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Some users on social networks applauded the father’s attitude. However, others have criticized his actions and revealed that he has surpassed himself.

The video that went viral on TikTok was originally posted on the account [email protected] in which a father is seen filming his daughter on the street from his car wearing a school uniform and a box of marzipan in hand. Supposedly, the father had her daughter sell her candy since she apparently didn’t like her school.

The clip shows a girl, apparently outside a school on the sidewalk carrying a box of marzipan. While from the sight of a car, the driver, father of the minor, He tells her he wants marzipan and asks how much it costs.

“If you don’t want to study, start selling, look, I went to the stationery store there to sell, get to work as a gingerbread. She screams: ‘Marzipan, gingerbread! I’m not good for school, I don’t’ If I like it, now I’m coming marzipan’,” he says to his daughter.

Hearing what his father yells at him, the girl holds back her tears and can hear “I never said I didn’t want to study. I’m not saying that, it’s not true.”

The video generated controversy on the platform, so the minor’s father had to cancel the recording. However, it was retrieved from several accounts where users reacted to the lesson the father tried to give his daughter.

Source: Clarin

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