“The Last of Us”: the essential food that the series proposes as the origin of the end of the world

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The second episode of The Last of Us The new HBO series confirms one of the biggest theories circulating among video game forums, the origin of the series, which not only follows the source material to the letter, but also expands on it.

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While there are some small mentions and hints about how the infection spreads in the game, they are not very noticeable. The origin of the disease is a mystery.

This is due, in part, to the fact that the game never leaves the point of view of the main characters, so there is no scientist share your impressions.

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The origin of the disease from “The Last of Us”

Shortly after the premiere of the first episode of The Last of Usfans started theorizing about it the infection spread through the flour. Various characters are seen eating foods that contain flour, Joel and Sarah don’t eat foods that contain flour, Joel is on an Atkins diet.

The second episode begins with a flashback to jakartaa city in Indonesia, a few days before the outbreak of the disease in 2003. It is revealed that the employees of a mill have become infected and have started biting each other, meaning that the infection probably spread around the world from the flour produced in this plant.

Through a series of haphazard decisions, Joel and Sarah were eventually spared the actual infection, but many others were not.

One Reddit user drew the first hypothesis of the onset of the disease: the first human contact with the cordyceps capable of infecting our species would have been in the flour.

“Contaminated flour. There are too many coincidences that prevent the protagonists from consuming foods with flour. Sarah doesn’t have flour for pancakes, so they make eggs; they don’t want bread; Joel goes on the Atkins diet, Sarah doesn’t eat cookies for raisins. Joel forgets the birthday cake. Tell me if I forgot something,” said the social network user.

Also, the game The Last of Us Game, he rarely talks about the origin of cordyceps, the fungus that destroys humanity. But there is a newspaper that explains the origin of the outbreak of the disease.

Contaminated flours put an end to humanity

Despite these assumptions, the creator of the story, Neil Druckmann, has made reference in a podcast to the rationale behind the first episode.

There Sarah, the protagonist’s daughter, visits her neighbors, an elderly couple who, in turn, take care of an elderly woman suffering from a disease that puts her in a vegetative state. This is the first mushroom victim to appear in the series. Then everything collapses.

“By the way, there are so many small details. I don’t want to spoil the audience, but what I will say is that the most attentive will be rewarded because small crumbs they have been planted and will reward them later in interesting ways,” explained Druckmann.

And again, it all leads to bread and flour. Also, there is strong evidence in the second episode. The outbreak of the disease takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia, precisely in the largest mill in the world.

Source: Clarin

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