Díaz Ayuso: “America is a Hispanic work” threatened by “evil” organized in “electoral processes”

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The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusostated this Friday in Lisbon that the American continent is “a Hispanic work” which is “threatened” because “evil” is organized in electoral processes.

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“The American continent, which is one of our great works, certainly a Hispanic work, which we left abandoned over the centuries, today it is really threatened because evil sand is organized in every electoral process“Ayuso said during his speech at the European PP forum in Lisbon.

While he did not mention Lula da Silva’s victory in Brazil, the elections in the neighboring country are the most recent. And in them, the leader of the PT won with a very narrow difference against Jair Bolsonaro, so much so that much of Brazilian society believes that Lula won through fraud.

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The most concrete example of this belief is the violent events of January 8, when Bolsonaro’s hordes seized the seats of power in Brasilia.

“Those of us who believe in freedom, life and prosperity, we have to take care of each other and take advantage of these forums to see where it is that democratic deficit“, He added.

Madrid, he added, “is a point of reference for individual freedom all those who were forced to flee from his country due to nationalist and populist regimes; who simply want to be left alone and live their own way according to their beliefs.”

Already in October Díaz Ayuso had insisted on this phenomenon in an open criticism of the Argentine government.

“It is no coincidence that more and more Argentines come to live in Madrid, to live in peace, without seeing how everything they have achieved is trampled on by the subsidy machine,” he attacked.

He had previously stated that he refused “that Peronism ruins Spain’s economic engine”, alluding to the government of Pedro Sánchez.

by then clarion She asked him why he mentioned Argentina so often. “I cite all the countries where, with examples, it can be shown that prosperous societies cease to be, precisely because of these interventionist policies,” he said.

The president of Madrid took advantage of her speech to “ask liberal democracies to do so let’s take care of each otherbecause what happens in a country when that freedom is missing is everyone’s job, otherwise the world becomes onean ever smaller and less free place“.

“We are the counterweight to liberticidal policies”, insisted Ayuso, who concluded his visit to Lisbon this Friday.

The CAM president arrived in the Portuguese capital on Thursday to sign un collaboration agreement with its mayor, the conservative Carlos Moedas, and participate in the forum organized by the People’s Party of the European Parliament.

Clarín writing with information from EFE and correspondent in Madrid


Source: Clarin

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