A 5-year-old girl died of suffocation in the car while having a snack

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A five-year-old girl has tragically died after drowning while eating lunch in the backseat of her family’s car on the way home.

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Samantha Lennon picked up her five-year-old daughter Imogen from swimming lessons on Jan. 16 and she gave him a sausage to snack on on the way home. But while the girl was chatting happily with her mother from the backseat, suddenly began to choke.

The woman tried to help her daughter, but was unable to free the obstacle.

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He quickly called an ambulance, but when told it was too far to arrive in time, she herself took her daughter to the hospital with the help of a passerby. Despite the heroic efforts of the doctors on duty, the little girl arrived in critical condition and later died in hospital.

The dramatic situation occurred in Canowindra, in central-west New South Wales, Australia.

An investigation is underway to establish the cause of the child’s death. In principle, everything indicates that he choked on a sausage and this caused a total obstruction which did not allow the passage of oxygen.

Family friend Tamara Harrison described Imogen as one “Brilliant, determined, thoughtful and bold five-year-old.”

“Making sense of such a tragic loss in this way is inconceivable. No words can accurately describe how broken the family is,” Harrison wrote in a GoFundMe set up to help the family.

“It is impossible to imagine life without Imogene.” Harrison said sausages were one of Imogen’s “favorite” snacks after she got out of swimming class.

The five-year-old was the youngest child and is survived by parents Samantha and William, older brothers Hayden and Bailey, sister Tamzin and a large family.

“The burden of trying to find the money to pay for Imogen’s final resting place and a worthy celebration of her short life is one I would like to take off this family as they deal with such an unthinkable tragedy,” said the friend of the family. .

To do?

One of the main reasons babies can choke is because something gets stuck in the throat and prevents oxygen from entering.

To remedy this situation, it is necessary to practice the so-called Heimlich maneuver. Here is, as indicated by the Ministry of National Health, a step by step to be able to perform it in both children and adults.

If your baby stutters, cries, talks or coughs, it means that air is still entering the throat, with which the obstruction is partial. Allow him to cough naturally, without hitting his back or giving him a drink, as this can lead to a complete blockage.

In the event that no air enters, the child should be placed face down. Perform a “dry push,” though carefully to avoid injury. Check if the object has been ejected or if the paths have been freed. Hug the person from behind and under the arms. Do very strong abdominal pressure, centered and back and up. The goal is to press the abdomen and diaphragm to cause an artificial cough. This procedure must be continued until the object is ejected.

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