Surprise in Rome: they repair the sewers and find a life-size statue of Hercules

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”Today, after weeks of traveling to landfills completely devoid of archaeological finds, Scott Park has reserved us a big surprise: a life-size marble statue which, due to the presence of the club and the leonté – the lion skin that covers his head – is undoubtedly identifiable with a character dressed as Hercules”it was announced on Friday 27 in Rome.

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This was established by the archaeologist Federica Acierno, who is following the excavations’.

The Appia Antica Archaeological Park wrote the news of the find on Facebook, reporting that in the Scott Park area, between Cristoforo Colombo and Via Appia Antica, Acea Group with Bacino Sud SRL has been working for several months on a construction site for a difficult overhaul and recovery of the sewer pipe.

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It happened that “at various points the collapse of the old pipeline, dating back to the last century, had in fact caused the opening of dangerous cracks in the park and landslides from the hill”, the experts explain.

Therefore, a large and complex intervention was necessary which involved large earth movements and which will be followed by a complete restoration of the altimetric profile of the area and by the planting of new trees as agreed with the Appia Antica Regional Park.

The area is in any case ”valuable from a naturalistic point of view, and it is also an area “of archaeological interest”. In fact, experts point out, it is close to the Catacombs of Priscilla, a Roman-Early Christian cemetery located on the Via Salaria in the city of Rome, one of the oldest that have been discovered and preserves some frescoes of particular importance for the history of art.

Now, therefore, “in the second mile of the Via Appia Antica and the excavation works, which have reached a height of 20 meters below the level of the walking surface, have been constantly followed by an archaeologist, coordinated by the officials of the Archaeological Park of the Appia Antica.

And today the splendid discovery is the statue of Hercules.

Source: ANSA

Source: Clarin

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