The Peruvian Congress rejects the advance of the elections to 2023 requested by President Dina Boluarte

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At dawn this Saturday, the Peruvian Congress rejected the advance of the general elections to 2023 that President Dina Boluarte had asked for, as a way out of the serious social and political crisis that the country has been going through for seven weeks.

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The proposal presented on Friday evening provided for an advance of the general elections to October 2023, instead of April 2024 as they had been set in December. The text reached 45 votes in favour, 65 against and two abstentions, and was rejected in the plenary session of the Parliament.

At the end of the vote, the president of Congress, José Williams, received a request for “reconsideration of the vote”, which could be discussed in a new session on Monday, although it is very unlikely that this result can be reversed.

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“With this vote, the constitutional reform proposal for the advancement of the elections is rejected,” concluded Williams.

After a debate that lasted more than seven hours since Friday afternoon, late in the evening representatives of left-wing parties demanded that the convening of a Constituent Assembly be included in the proposal and considered that the proposal for elections launched by Fujimori’s Fuerza Popular party hid traps.

Boluarte on Friday morning urged Congress to bring forward the elections scheduled for April 2024 to 2023 to get Peru “out of the quagmire we are in,” he said in a government act, acknowledging that the protests, blockades and violence with the demand for his resignation in the streets have worsened.

Source: Clarin

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