Bible John, the ferocious serial killer who could live among us as a “respectable” old man.

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The fearsome killerBible John” has never been identified. He killed three women between 1968 and 1969 in Glasgow, Scotland, and disappeared without a trace. Since then his life has been shrouded in mystery.

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The mystery around his figure has no expiration date. Now a play about his story is coming to Scotland, at Kilmarnock’s Palace Theater on 2nd March and Irvine’s Harbor Arts Theater on 24th February.

“Dancing with the Devil” is a show that has the backdrop of the Barrowland Ballroom as the killer hides out in the suburbs.

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The drama, notes the Daily Record, “unveils the social attitudes of the era and features an era soundtrack with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield and many more.”

Still alive?

More than five decades after their murders, writer Dolores Redondo still believes “Bible John” may be among us: to her, the killer could live like a “respectable” old man. somewhere in Bilbao or Glasgow.

The statements Redondo made in late 2022 have to do with the promotion of his new novel, “waiting for the flood”, which follows the Scottish detective noah scott sherrington as he pursues “Bible John” to Bilbao, trusting his hunch that the criminal has fled Scotland for northern Spain.

“For all we know, this character may still be alive. It would be something like the case of Jack ‘the Ripper’, although we can assure you that he’s dead because it’s been a long time,” said Redondo.

For her, “the uncaught killers become legends”: “There’s always a story around them that they were very smart, smart enough to escape from the police. But I think other factors may also play a role.”

Since its release, “Waiting for the Flood” has been a bestseller. Redondo is the author of the Baztán Trilogy, consisting of the novels “the invisible guardian”, “legacy in the bones“Y”Storm Offering

Source: Clarin

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