Pepper: the properties and nutritional benefits of this vegetable

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Showy and aromatic; The bell pepper, bell pepper or chilli is a vegetable native to America, with nutritional properties approved by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation.

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As a result of these virtues, it is recommended in the daily diet.

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What are its advantages

Among its advantages, in a note on the Puleva website, nutrition graduate María del Carmen Moreu Burgos highlights the following:

– They are rich in vitamins (especially C) and antioxidants.

– They have a substance called capsaicin, with antibiotic, analgesic and stimulating action on the gastric mucosa and gallbladder.

– They have a large amount of dietary fiber. Which provides an important feeling of satiety, prevents constipation and helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.

– Due to their high percentage of water, they are low in calories and fat.

– Index in the reduction of chemical messengers of pain. With which it is used after operations and to treat arthrosis.

– It is part of the balms for irritated skin.

– It’s digestive. Contrary to popular belief, it stimulates the stomach lining and gallbladder function. To take advantage of these benefits, it is better to remove the ribs and eat them roasted.

– They have diuretic effects. For its richness in potassium and low sodium percentage.

– The red ones have an anticancer component.

Who should consume bell pepper

– Pregnant.

– Girls and boys.

– Those who follow low-calorie diets to control or lose weight.

– People who need to reduce their sodium and fat intake.

In cases of:

– Constipation.

– Hypertension.

– Hyperuricemia.

– Drip.

– Kidney stones.

– Water retention.

– High cholesterol.

– Diabetes.

– Rheumatic diseases, arthritis and bone tuberculosis.

Source: Clarin

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