They accuse a teacher of having sex with a student in a scary place

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A teacher has been arrested after being accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student in one of the seediest places imaginable: a cemetery.

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The prisoner is Cali Heikesa 25-year-old American teacher, who claims, met a student at least three times a week for sex in a cemeterythe Nebraska authorities suggested.

The arrest was confirmed by Jason Dwinnell, representative of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. Dwinell said on Jan. 20, a person called and said he thought a teacher was having a sexual relationship with a student.

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On January 12, a week before the call, an officer stopped them as they were leaving Winside Cemetery. When asked what they were doing there, the boy just said that he was with him “her friend Cali”.

With the complaint and arrest of the vehicle underway, the police needed at least one more piece of evidence to back up their suspicions.

Then they contacted the student’s sister, who didn’t hesitate to confirm what she had glimpsed: He told them that Heikes would sneak into his brother’s house at night “to play exciting games.”.

The student’s sister also revealed that they met two to three times a week outside the home and texted each other.

As was the case

According to the Daily Star, detectives have now obtained a search warrant for Heikes’ home. They will try to confiscate your phone and other electronic devices to find out more about the matter.

If convicted, the teacher faces up to 20 years in prison.. For now, Heikes is free because he posted $2,000 bail.

It is worth clarifying that although the age of consent in Nebraska is 16, it is illegal for a teacher and student to have sexual relations because of the authority the teacher exercises over the student.

an antecedent

In March 2022, a teacher’s assistant had sex with a 14-year-old student in the parking lot of a supermarket and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Hannah HarrisAged 24, she was placed on the sex offender register indefinitely after a court heard her behavior had a “devastating effect” on the abused boy.

The judge Caroline Wigin He told Harris, who worked at a school in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, that his actions “constituted solicitation” and were a “breach of trust”.

Harris was 21 when she began a sexual relationship with the 14-year-old, deceiving the boy’s parents posing as his fictitious girlfriend’s mother in text messages. She called her student’s parents to tell them that she was “Olivia” and that she was living with “Kayla”, her son’s girlfriend.

Source: Clarin

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