6 home remedies that actually work according to science

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The home remedies they pass from mouth to mouth, we all turn to someone to get by, on the advice of a grandmother or an aunt. Just consume or apply an item, food, herb or essence or mix a couple of them relieve symptoms.

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So, a headache, cough, flu, nausea, ear infections, warts and many other conditions can find a solution, although at this point the moot question is always why it works.

However, in recent times, scientists from all over the world have been trying to answer this question in the laboratory, thus confirming its effect for those skeptics.

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Beyond what ever enters first place in the visit to the doctorthen, 6 home remedies backed by science from research.

cough honey

One of the most proven classics is taking honey for a cough. Indeed the World Health Organization recommends it for children.

In fact, there were many studies carried out in 2012 which followed 300 children who had fallen ill to confirm its effectiveness.

Thus they concluded that the consumption of 10 grams of honey before sleep registered less cough and better sleep compared to those who had taken the placebo.

Vinegar and alcohol for ear infections

Mix white vinegar with alcohol in equal parts It is a combination that, when applied in drops, prevents otitis in less severe cases.

So much so that even the renowned Mayo Clinic recommends this remedy which has been passed down from generation to generation and has ended up establishing itself in popular culture.

It also stops the growth of fungi and bacteria that cause otitis externa.

ginger for nausea

During the months of pregnancy, nausea is common in women.

The University of Exeter, England (UK) was able to compare symptoms years ago among volunteers who took Ginger and those who ingested the placebo..

In this way they determined that consumption one gram of ginger root helps relieve nausea but not only in pregnant women but also those resulting from effect of chemotherapy in cancer patients.

Gargle with water for a cold or flu

In the Kyoto, Japan, School of Public Health it gathered 400 participants in 2003, who were then reevaluated a year later.

The study showed that those who did it every day gargle with tap water They were less likely to get respiratory tract infections such as cold or flu.

ice for headache

The headacheperhaps one of the inconveniences that one suffers most frequently, is found in the application of ice on the head or neck an improvement, albeit temporary.

This was demonstrated by a study carried out in 2013 which observed and analyzed a group of 50 people suffering from migraine.

The ice for 30 minutes, they said, significantly reduced the pain. And if they removed it, the discomfort returned.

Freeze or tape for warts

The medical and therefore reliable method indicated that freezing the wart made it disappear. Cryogenization, however, is only 60% effective.

In 2002, a study was conducted which established that 85% of those treated with duct tape – preferably the one used for medical purposes – eliminated the annoying formations on the skin.

Source: Clarin

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