The myth of the mysterious Chilean island that would have been populated by “superior beings”

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People always have fantasies about advanced civilizations or beings from another planet. Many years ago, in Aysén, south of kilosbegan the myth that there is a little-known island called friendship. According to witnesses, its inhabitants are not ordinary people, apparently the place is inhabited by superior beings, in both technology and medicine.

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Second National Geographicthe first contact that the inhabitants of this mysterious island had was in the mid-1980s via radio communication.

But the most impressive connection with the islanders was Ernesto della Sorgente that, according to his own words, he was invited to the island by these beings and they healed the terminal illness he was suffering from. The strange thing about this site is that he would appear and disappear on satellite images without a trace. Will it be inhabited by aliens?

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the first contact

The first time there was a connection between humans and the beings inhabiting Friendship Island was in 1985, when Octavio Ruiz, a radio amateur, was contacted by a voice who introduced himself as Miguel. He wasn’t the only interlocutor, the man also spoke with a certain Rafael, and with a certain Ariel.

Octavio, the first person who communicated with the island, ensured that the voices on the radio had a gringo accent due to the way they spoke and the vast knowledge they demonstrated in any topic discussed during the talks.

Octavio always thought they were religious people, possibly Mormons, but never considered the possibility that they were extraterrestrials, he said. National Geographic.

From the Source and its healing

In 1989, and in the same way, Ernesto de la Fuente, a man with terminal cancer, was contacted. According to his own testimony in various interviews, he was invited by the beings living there to visit the island, where his illness was healed. However, the man has never been able to reveal the location of the island. When he tried to return by his own means, he could not find it.

De la Fuente said he was cured of cancer by the inhabitants of this island: “There was something strange about them, they were all of the same type. His facial expressions radiated peace to you,” he said in an interview for Chilean television.

it was never found again

The media impact on the island’s existence has reached major Chilean media outlets such as TVN. This motivated two research expeditions; one Chilean Navy personnel and another private. None of them have been able to locate the mysterious site.

According to radio amateurs, the island appeared and disappeared from satellite images without a trace. The point indicated as the location of Friendship Island is between the archipelago of Chonos and Guaitecas, in southern Chile.

Chilean researcher Osvaldo Murray has another theory about it. According to him, the people who live there correspond to a community of former Nazi leaders.

Details provided by De la Fuente

Ernesto de la Fuente, who passed away in November 2019 at the age of 79, left a letter detailing his visit to the island, in which these fragments stood out:

“I lived in a small room about three by three meters, with a bed, a small table with a computer terminal and a window to the outside. The temperature was constant and around 20ºC, which was a luxury for me, after the cold that I was used to suffering in Chiloé. I had absolute freedom of movement within the structures, which were comfortable and functional.

“Almost everything was governed by computers, which was not very common in those days in 1989, there was a heated swimming pool, three large greenhouses, lounges with satellite television and other conveniences that I never imagined. hallways, everyone was smiling and no one was talking loud. I don’t remember ever seeing a clinic or hospital.”

Today, the whereabouts of Friendship Island remain a mystery, no one ever contacting the beings on that site again. It seems that the place “chooses” the people who want to visit it. Will it be hosted by beings from another planet or is it just a myth?

Source: Clarin

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