Incredible: a friend throws her the car key to give it to her and she can’t believe what happened

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A young Canadian woman had to be hospitalized after an incredible the car key will stick in your face when a friend tossed it to him to catch it.

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Renée Lariviere, who is 24 and comes from Sudburywas leaving the house to go to a McDonald’s when she asked a friend to throw the keys at her of the car that had been forgotten.

But what was supposed to be an easy catch turned out to be a “fumble” and the car key somehow it bounced off his hand and headed straight for his face.

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It must have undoubtedly gone at great speed, because when the metal part of the key hit Renee’s face, it actually did it pierced his cheek and stuck in his face.

“I felt a pressure, as if the keys had hit me in the face, as if my catch had failed,” the young woman recalled; and she continued, “My friend looked at me and said, ‘Oh, my God, don’t move,’ and started to panic”.

The adrenaline apparently numbed Lariviere’s pain, and as her friend walked her slowly to the bathroom, she actually she thought she was exaggerating in her concern.

However, it was her turn to panic when He looked in the mirror and saw the car key stuck in his face..

Renee’s friends called an ambulance and, as soon as she arrived at the hospital, they did a CAT scan and they called a plastic surgeon take the car key and stitch up the wound.

The scan revealed that the object it was lodged deep in his nasal cavityunder the eye, which was saved by millimeters from drilling.

“There were doctors from different departments to see because they couldn’t believe itLariviere recounted.

“I asked one of them to take pictures so he could show them to his students. He was an ER doctor, so he was trying to prove it to her anything could happen”.

Fortunately, Renée Lariviere has not only made a full recovery after the freak accident, but he doesn’t even have a scar which proves that it happened.

However, the photos of her with her car key sticking out of her face are proof enough.

“Looking at it now, I think there’s no way that could happen,” said Lariviere, who shared his shocking story on TikTok in a series of videos that They have exceeded 12 million visits.

“It was a near miss. If it had hit somewhere else, it could have done a lot of damage,” concluded the lucky woman.

Source: Clarin

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