The benefits of having sex frequently and how long you can go without a relationship

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Isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic has changed intercourse for many people. The extended quarantine meant a lack of meaningful sexual connections and made it difficult to make new encounters.

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Several doctors assure that frequent and consensual sexual activity is extremely beneficial for health, compared to physical activities such as sports or a healthy diet. The sexologist Janet Hardy and the psychotherapist Dossie Easton wrote a book called “Promiscuous Ethics”, in which they argue that lack of sex can cause self-esteem issues.

What problems can the lack of sex bring?

A study developed by The Journal of Sexual Medicine of England ensures that the lack of sexual activity can generate a increased stressan increase in anxiety levels and even a depressive picture.

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This is due, according to the same study, to the fact that during sexual practice the body releases endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, hormones beneficial for the body that cause a feeling of happiness and peace.

Additionally, a 2004 study by Department of Psychology at Wilkes University of the United States concluded that those who enjoy active sexual activity have better immune systems, as the body produces the immunoglobulin A at higher levels, an important antibody found in saliva and tears.

Weakening of the couple relationship

Other scientists, such as the Spanish psychologist and sexologist Maria Martinez Murillo, also analyze lack of sexual activity and how it affects couple bonding. “Having sex with your partner strengthens the bond, because then there is more communication and more affection,” says the doctor. Some analyzes even say that it could increase the risk of suffering from other diseases, such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal atrophy.

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