They rescued a malnourished, pink-dyed dove that was used at a party to reveal the sex of a baby

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A malnourished and dyed pink pigeon was rescued this Wednesday in New York, USA after it was used at a party to reveal the sex of a child.

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The event, known as “gender reveal party or sex”, it has become fashionable in recent years and, in general, it has been characterized by a blue or pink powder that comes out of a balloon at the climax of the event attended by new parents and their relatives.

However, the avant-garde North American city has been the scene of too much step forward (or backward) in an effort to be innovative in the celebration, that she added animal abuse to the ritual.

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Wild Bird Fund, a non-profit organization, announced the case through its social networks on January 30.

“Doves come in many different colors, but pink is not one of them. This royal dove has been dyed and released deliberately. Like a pet bird unable to find food in the wild, fly well or escape predators, this poor guy had a pretty tough time before he was dyed,” the statement begins, accompanied by an image of the bird already rescued by one person after being dyed. abandoned in Madison Square Park.

As the WWF (the acronym of the organization in English) expands, it is an exemplary “rookie” and it shows “signs of long-term malnutrition”.

How is the process to remove the paint from the pink dove

This Thursday, also through its digital platforms, Wild Bird Fund reported that, already in a “good care environment”, they are trying to remove the dye.

“Our team has tried various methods to remove the dye, which we believe it is hair dye, with little success. One problem is that the dye has a strong smell and we are concerned about the bird’s respiratory health.”

They added: ‘Birds are very sensitive to a certain smoke, which essentially lives inside a cloud. We too are concerned to ingest the chemical during grooming. His condition is weak and he is struggling to keep food.”

“we gave heat, oxygen and subcutaneous fluidsand we added drug to counteract the effects of the toxin in their digestive system,” detailed by the NGO for animal welfare.

The cure has problems. “Bathing is very stressful for a birdor, especially for one that is already weak, so we have to balance surgery with stability,” they detailed in a veterinary report.

The Mirror newspaper, from England, reproduces the statements of Stephanie Schick, who works in an animal rescue centre, said: “I saw a Big increase in party bird dye gender reveal and others ridiculous events“.

“It turns my stomach. These birds are having a pretty bad time without being dyed. Where there is one, there are surely others, as they usually drop these dyed birds in flock“.


Source: Clarin

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