United States: what is the cost of the humanitarian visa and how to get it

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visa humanitarian – also known as humanitarian words or words for people outside of United States – is the option for very special and extremely delicate situations that require a temporary stay in the United States.

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As the note from the Spanish site of CNN tells us, the reason must be urgent or classified as being of public interest.

As for “urgency”the same source indicates that from Citizenship and Immigration Service there is no precise regulation on this term. The situation is assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstances.

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Humanitarian visa requirements

Although anyone can claim it, the reality is this It is granted in particular to subjects with medical, emergency or risk situations for matters of public importance.

The guidelines that the Citizenship and Immigration Service establishes in this regard are as follows.

– A medical treatment in the United States.

– The donation of an organ to a person who is in the United States.

– Meeting with a family member who is in the United States for humanitarian reasons.

– Support for a family member in the United States with a serious or terminal illness.

– Issues relating to a deceased relative in the United States.

– Protection in case of personal risk.

– Need to participate in legal proceedings.

How to process it

The steps are as follows:

– Complete and sign Form I-131, Application for a Travel Document.

– Complete and sign Form I-134, Financial Assistance Affidavit. Through this document, the person will have to demonstrate that he “will not become public office” while he remains in the United States.

– Attach the documentation supporting the request. Medical reports, death certificates are helpful in such cases.

– Pay the corresponding fee.

The process can take anywhere from 90 to 120 days and under certain circumstances an interview will be required.

The value of humanitarian parole

The approximate cost is US$595. This amount varies according to age and permit type.

In situations that warrant it, a waiver of the fee may be requested.

It should be borne in mind that the humanitarian visa is not an alternative to avoid denied visa applications.ace. Citizenship and Immigration Services may deny a humanitarian visa application if used to avoid the obstacles of other permits.

Source: Clarin

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