The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has entered the controversy over the trans woman convicted of rape and locked up in a women’s prison

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This was stated by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak biological sex “really matters”when answering a question about the case of a trans woman convicted of rape who transitioned gender while in custody AND which is generating controversy in the UK because it was sent to a women’s prison in Scotland.

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Isla Bryson, 31, was convicted of raping two women – while still identifying himself as Adam Graham – from the Glasgow High Court.

Where Bryson will serve her sentence has stirred things up in Britain as Bryson is currently in Stirling’s Cornton Vale women’s prison awaiting sentencing.

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Following the controversy, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed this in the House of Lords on Thursday Bryson will not serve her sentence in the women’s prison.

“A transgender woman will never do that has the automatic right serve your sentence in a women’s prisonSturgeon had previously assured, after a spokesman for Sunak said “understanding concerns” of those who opposed Bryson.

In the midst of the controversy over where Bryson will serve his sentence, one of the victims said she was sure that the convict pretended to be transgender to ‘make her life easier’.

On the issue of women’s safety, Sunak said “there hasn’t been a good enough job done in the past” and said the Bryson case in Scotland shows some of the challenges of gender transition.

“We should have enough compassion and tolerance for those who question their gender and identity, and we will always support them. But we must recognize the challenges it poses for women’s safety. And that’s why biological sex is important”said the prime minister in an interview with Piers Morgan on the Talk TV program, which is broadcast on several British TV channels.

Sunak also criticized Sturgeon’s plans to make it easier for people to access their perceived gender identity.

“Whether it’s sex, spaces for women or prisonsdoes biological sex really matter,” the prime minister insisted.

MPs from several parties have expressed concern about the safety of the other dams. The Scottish prison authorities assured this for their part the decision on where to detain a transgender person is always made “on an individual basis” evaluate “risk and need”.

Currently, Scotland has suspended the movement of any transgender person deprived of their libertywhile conducting an “urgent” review of the rules.

And the Scottish Prison Service has announced a review of another recent case, that of Tiffany Scott, who molested a 13-year-old girl when she identified herself as a man.


Source: Clarin

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