Test to know what to study: the questions you need to answer to find out if you are wrong in your profession

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Over time, the amount of bachelor’s and master’s degrees have expanded significantly throughout the world. Many students, having finished their secondary education, already know for sure what they will study in the future, what they will want to do. Others, however, not so much.

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For the latter group there are several options to discover the career that best suits their skills, desires and priorities. Some of them are free, while most have to be paid. Many of these tools also serve to guide which branch of an industry suits the person consulting, once the career is defined.

the carriages

the carriages, a coding school specializing in digital and technical skills education, has developed a free online test that allows users to find out which technology career fits their interests. The purpose of this service is to demystify the complexity of careers in this field, as with 10 questions can provide a wealth of information on available ‘tech’ careers.

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Professional test of the Labor Observatory of Mexico

This Mexican government portal offers a professional test based on 40 questions and articles who seek to bring a possible career closer to the interested party. Also, this site offers various training courses and information about current education in that country and the work outings most wanted.

Another site in Mexico that offers alternatives to find out which career to study is the Mexican Institute for Competitivenesswhich developed its “CompareCareers” tool, which provides insight into various careers and their pay gaps.

Private professional tests

In addition to these free options, there are other professionals who prepare customized professional tests through a series of interviews with the consultant. However this option is payalthough the result is more accurate as the opportunity selection process is more detailed and personal.

Source: Clarin

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