Russia-Ukraine War, LIVE: Prisoner exchange in the midst of fighting

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In the midst of the fighting that continues in different parts of Ukraine, this country and Russia prisoners of war exchanged after complex negotiations that mattered with the mediation of the United Arab Emirates. Coverage of the war unleashed by Vladimir Putin’s regime, minute by minute, in Clarin.


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New in development

exchange of prisoners of war

Ukrainian soldiers freed in prisoner exchange with Russia. Reuters photo

For the second time this year, Ukraine and Russia played this Saturday at exchange of prisoners after lengthy negotiations who owed United Arab Emirates as a mediator. The Kremlin has announced that they have returned to their territory 63 military, many of which belong to the “sensitive category”. “They are being offered the necessary psychological and medical help, as well as giving them the opportunity to communicate with their families,” they said from Moscow.

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For its part, Ukraine has released images of its liberated soldiers in an unspecified place in its territory.

Source: Clarin

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