Home World News The United States set the record in its history: in one place it was as cold as Mars

The United States set the record in its history: in one place it was as cold as Mars

The United States set the record in its history: in one place it was as cold as Mars

Cinematographic I The northeastern United States and Canada are experiencing a historic cold snap, with extremely low temperatures that in some areas of the state of Maine could reach records of -51°. However, New Hampshire recorded the lowest thermal sensation in history, matching the normal temperatures that exist during the night on the planet Mars.

Inside Mount Washington of New Hampshire It felt more like Mars than planet Earth on Friday when wind chill dipped below a bottomless -110C, setting a new record for the coldest wind chill on record in the United States.

Known for having one of the worst climates in the world, Mount Washington has experienced a drop in air temperature to minus 46C with wind speeds up to 201 km per hour when the Arctic airmass wreaked havoc on Friday, according to the Mount Washington Observatory.

Visibility at the top of the mountain was less than 70 meters.

On Mars, surface temperatures this week reached a warm high of 16 degrees with a low of -105 degrees, according to NASA . The space agency said temperatures on the red planet can fluctuate between minus -225° – at night the cold is much more marked – and 70°.

“This is an epic, generational arctic wave”said the US National Weather Service (NWS) office in Caribou, near Maine’s border with Canada.

The weather report added that “Northern and eastern Maine have not seen similar (cold) spells since 1982 and 1988.”

“Most seasons are expected to live on the lowest wind chill in decades or, in some cases, the lowest on record,” the NWS added.

He also warned that under such conditions, frostbite of exposed skin can occur in as little as five minutes.

“The danger of not being prepared, without shelter from the elements and without the proper winter survival gear cannot be emphasized enough,” he said.

The most extreme conditions were recorded Friday evening and Saturday morning, with extremely low wind chill warnings across much of New England.

In Bostonthe thermometer marked -22 degrees Celsius, with gusts of icy wind that brought the wind chill at -34 degrees. In In New York the temperature was -15 and the thermal -25.

In Canada, the wind created the city of Montreal The wind chill dropped to -43 degrees this morning. The thermometers should drop to -50ºC in the northern regions of Québec and in the province of Ontario it is alert for extreme cold.

Arctic White Sea fog has lifted over parts of the St. Lawrence River due to extreme cold winds passing over the meltwater.

Hydro-Quebec power company said it was preparing to do so historical electricity consumption overnight on Friday and early Saturday morning, and asked users to reduce their use.

In Ottawa, the Canadian capital, a blizzard with winds of 60 to 70 kilometers per hour abated Thursday night and early Friday.s visibility to practically zero.

The region’s meteorological experts predict an improvement for Sunday.

Source: Clarin


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