Home World News “The sex lasted five minutes”: the revelations of the woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity

“The sex lasted five minutes”: the revelations of the woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity

“The sex lasted five minutes”: the revelations of the woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity

“The sex was passionate and hot because we shouldn’t have. One thing quickly leads to another. We ended up on the floor.”. So she said Sasha Walpole the meeting he had with Prince Harry (38) in 2001.

The woman – who is now 40 years old, married and mother of two – decided to reveal the secret she had kept for a long time after Harry had spoken of how did you lose your virginity in his recently published autobiography.

Memories of Prince Harry: Sasha Walpole’s Version

Sasha Walpole has decided to speak up the sun after the prince described the meeting as a “inglorious episode with an old woman” in one of the chapters of the explosive book that attracted the most attention.

As soon as the data was known, the unknown From who could be the “old woman” who has succumbed to the “love” of the prince.

The answer has become known now and from the mouth of Sasha herself. In this sense, the woman was instructed to make it clear that everything was like “between two friends”.

“It was exciting what was happening. It was exciting that it was happening that way. We were out for 15 minutes, but the sex lasted about five minutes.”the woman said to the medium.

He just meeting which they claimed at the time – when Harry was 16 and she was 18 – happened behind the parking lot of the historic The Vine Tree barin Norton, Wiltshire in July 2001.

After some laughing, dancing and knowing glances as they celebrated her 19th birthday, Harry asked her: “Do we smoke?”. At that moment, both they slipped away into the border camp do it out of sight of actual security.

“We were pretty drunk at this point. I gave Harry a cigarette. I lit mine and then his. We finished our cigarettes, Marlboro Lights, and it happened. he started kissing me. She was wearing underpants. there were no speeches or words“said a the sun.

Sasha described that at the time the epic meeting occurred he was wearing very tight black jeans, a top and a patterned belt. One fact caught her attention: when Harry took off his trousers, her belt came off and she he had to go back to camp the next day to look for it.

“Harry, in a pink shirt, jeans and boxers, he managed to stay almost clothed. It was very dark, it was eleven in the evening and it was hot,” she recalled.

We didn’t set out to do that and it was not premeditated. He was young. We were just friends and it was kind of naughty in the sense that it shouldn’t have happened,” she said.

Then, Harry hid in a phone booth. red to avoid being seen, before Bryony, a friend of Sasha’s, drives a protection officer towards him in her blue Ford Fiesta.

How did Prince Harry and Sasha Walpole meet?

According to the medium Sasha was only 17 when she started working as an aide in the house of King Carlos in Gloucestershire, Highgrove. “It was nice to work for them and they made me feel welcome. I’ve seen the family from time to time,” the woman said.

As for the first time he socialized with them was when they dated a show by the Cornish comedian Jethro.

Two decades later, remember that day Harry called her at home. and talked to his mother. She points out, smiling, that she answered him from a white landline.

“Mom said, ‘Harry’s on the phone.’ Then she asked me, ‘Was that Harry?’ I said yes!’ I remember her saying, ‘Oh, that’s funny.'”

According to the woman’s testimony, that was the first of many calls phone calls which he shared with the Prince, and which he often had to hang up because other family members needed the phone.

Regarding the talks they had, Sasha clarifies that they didn’t talk about anything important, they joked about friends, talked about horses and made plans, posted the sun.

He also recalled how in the following months Harry seduced her at her birthday party number 19 and signed his card with his secret code name.

However, everything that friendship fell apart after the pair shared that moment of passion on the court.

Today, more than 20 years later, she is married, has two children, drives excavators and looks after them she did not and does not have any subsequent contact with Harry.

“No one warned me that the night was included in the book, and Harry, or his people, could have found me to tell me if they wanted. I have a quiet life I didn’t generate this”, he concluded.

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