Super Bowl 2023: Must-have meals to enjoy before and after the NFL Finals

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This Sunday, February 12, fans of the nfl have an unmissable appointment: the Super cup 2023the NFL grand finale between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas Cityt Chiefs, a clash that will bring together hundreds of millions of television viewers around the world.

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Amidst the hype and anxiety about the results, it’s a great excuse to get together with friends and family to watch the biggest game of the year. And what’s better than getting comfortable, in front of the television and eating a delicious chopped. Next, 5 easy and delicious proposals to add to the table.


Inevitable in any aperitif that claims to be, it is a classic in every Mexican corner. And it is also “the” local delicacy that has crossed borders and prevailed in the world.

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Guacamole, a must.

Guacamole, a must.

How to prepare it?

The most traditional way to do it is to grind three avocados (avocados), one finely chopped onion, a bunch of cilantro and one green pepper in a mortar. While the mixture is grinding, add the lemon juice. Finally, add salt. Another option: It can also be made with a blender or mixer, but the texture is creamier than the original.

cheese fingers

What’s better than adding delicious homemade mozzarella or Manchego cheese sticks to your snack.

How to prepare them?

Cut the bars of your chosen cheese as evenly as possible. Then roll them in flour, egg and finely ground bread. Finish, fry them in hot oil until golden brown. Tip: so that they are crispier and the cheese does not melt so much, it is advisable to bread the sticks twice.

Cheese fingers.

Cheese fingers.

Onion rings

Crunchy, delicious and simple to prepare, they are the perfect snack during the Super Bowl finale.

How to prepare them?

First, you need to cut the onion rings. Then pass them in a mixture of flour, salt and real baking powder. Once this is finished, add the beaten egg and milk to this preparation and coat the onion rings with breadcrumbs. Fry them and serve them piping hot.

Onion rings.

Onion rings.

Nachos with cheese

I’m a true wildcard at rallies. Plus, they’re super easy to incorporate—just buy a bag of nachos because the key is to pair them with a tasty salsa. Here, the recipe.

How to prepare them?

In a saucepan, heat the milk with cubes of cheddar cheese – or any other variety you prefer – until it reaches the right consistency. It can stay like this or, if you like, add chilli, pepper, onion… Or whatever you like!

Nachos with cheese.  /Shutterstock

Nachos with cheese. /Shutterstock

Spring rolls

To give a Chinese touch to the snack, what could be better than incorporating these rolls. Step by step, how to make them… In less than 15 minutes!

How to prepare them?

​In sheets of rice paper wrap the carrot strips, the chopped lettuce and, if you want, the cucumber strips. Wrap them up, fry them in hot oil and enjoy them while you watch the game.

Spring rolls.  /Shutterstock

Spring rolls. /Shutterstock

Source: Clarin

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