He criticized the stage… Choreographer terrorizes critic’s face with dog feces

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German ballet choreographer Marco Goeke and his dog. On the 12th (local time), he rubbed his dog’s feces in the face of a ballet critic who criticized his new performance. Capture from Marco Goecke’s Instagram (@marcogoecke)

A famous German ballet choreographer became controversial after rubbing dog feces on a critic’s face for criticizing his performance.

According to the New York Times (NYT) on the 13th (local time), the day before, Marco Goeke (50), a choreographer in cooperation with the Netherlands Dance Company (NDT) and director of the Hannover State Opera Ballet in Germany, attacked a critic who came to watch his performance with excrement.

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During a break between performances, Goeke rubbed his dog’s feces on the face of Vivke Wister (57), a critic from Frankfurt’s Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). At that time, Goeke said to Wister, ‘Why did you come here? No one should have let you in,’ and so on.

The Hannover State Opera House in Lower Saxony, Germany.  GettyimagesThe Hannover State Opera House in Lower Saxony, Germany. Gettyimages

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It is known that this was angered at Wister’s harsh criticism of Goeke’s recently released ‘In the Dutch Mountains’. On the 11th, Wister harshly criticized Göke’s work, such as ‘I was disappointed’, ‘I went back and forth between feeling crazy and bored while watching the performance’, and ‘It seems like a retired old man staring blankly at the winter sea outside the window’. there is.

FAZ criticized it as “a humiliating act that prevents a free and critical view of art.” Wister told the NYT, “I get a few e-mails a year about criticism, but I’ve never felt this threatened in the dance world. I’m a professional. I will go to the ballet theater to work again,” he expressed his feelings. “But I will never see Goeke’s work again,” he said.

According to German media, Goeke was suspended from the Hannover State Ballet for seriously damaging the reputation of the ballet and the opera house. Goeke, who has since faced criminal charges, is under police investigation.

Lee Ye-ji,

Source: Donga

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