They were “dead” for a few minutes and they tell what they experienced: “I floated and I saw myself from above”

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Is there life after death? What happens in the “afterlife”? The million dollar question, the answer that medical science not only seeks but also reveals to the world, remains a mystery. However, four people which they ensure “to have been dead” for a short time, tell what they saw and heard during that experience.

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It is more than evident that no one has returned from the dead to tell the story, but there are testimonies of men and women who claim to have experienced “that moment or feeling” for at least a few seconds or minutes.

A man who suffered cardiac arrest, another anaphylactic shock, a 19-year-old woman who passed through a car windshield at the age of 19, and another person who had complex intestinal surgery recounted their experiences. And its incredible stories have been collected and disseminated since Daily mail.

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It looked like they were dead, but they "revived" to tell the tale.  illustrative photo

It looked like they were dead, but they “revived” to tell the tale. illustrative photo

He suffered cardiac arrest and was ‘floating up a hill’

Duncan Seth-Smith, 67 years old, he suffered cardiac arrest when he was 50 years old. He recalled listening to doctors prepare the defibrillator while he was unconscious in the hospital, with one saying “again” when they applied it.

He was in intensive care for four days and just before being discharged to go home, he felt dizzy and had another heart attack, for which he underwent surgery. cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

I have a vivid memory of it float up a hill and watch people sledding“It was a local rural hill, but it wasn’t known for sledding and it wasn’t a place I would spend any time other than driving,” she added.

He continues, “I woke up in bed with a cut on my face where I’d hit a cart when I passed out.” The nurses said they were needed three defibrillator discharges so that his heart would activate and pick up the rhythm.

Duncan Seth-Smith had a heart attack.

Duncan Seth-Smith had a heart attack.

“I also remember asking my wife if it snowedto which she replied no by looking at me with a strange face,” he concludes.

“Bright light, a dark area but not to be feared”

After being stung by bees on the face and neck 21 years ago, Kevin Curtis, 50 years oldwas rushed after suffering a anaphylactic shock. “I was unconscious but ‘aware of the environment'”, try to comment.

His blood pressure she had passed out and overheard a doctor say that if they don’t take the adrenaline soon, “she’s most likely going to die.”

On the ambulance ride to the hospital, Curtis remembers seeing a bright light sideways before perceiving that the vehicle had stopped.

He could hear the paramedics talking about his “imminent death,” he notes. And that he later felt “the pain in his face” when he was taken out of the ambulance.

Kevin Curtis was stung by bees and went into anaphylactic shock.

Kevin Curtis was stung by bees and went into anaphylactic shock.

Curtis, now 71, described the feeling as “approach from a cold and dark area” to reality.

During that moment he felt “serene, unthreatened, a little out of body… love is the best thing I can mention about the moment in general. Consequently, I am not afraid of death“he says over the years.

And he is in charge of highlighting for those who are afraid: “I don’t know what was on the other side of the light or what thoughts I could have continued to have and for how long, but it was not a place to be afraid to go“.

He swears it appeared to be airborne by looking down

Caroline Ghyselen was 19 years old. when he nearly died afterwards through the windshield of a car.

As the doctors treated her, she explained, “I had a weird one feeling of being in the air, looking down on myself. She seemed to be in the air, literally looking down.”

At the age of 19, Caroline Ghyselen passed through a car windshield.

At the age of 19, Caroline Ghyselen passed through a car windshield.

And admits, “I thought to myself, wow, that’s weird. The overriding factor was the most amazing feeling of calm and serenity and the feeling of pure joy”.

Ghyselen recalls that she “wasn’t happy” about having to go back to her body because she knew it would be in pain and would have to go through a long healing process.

“I started arguing and saying over and over “I don’t want to go back, I don’t want the pain,” she adds. The next thing she knew, the nurse was massaging her arm and telling her to stop worrying.

He remembered how the surgeon had operated on him

Martin Holloway gravely ill, he was rushed to the hospital and finished off removing 70cm of his intestines in 2019.

The prospect appeared extremely pessimistic, to the point that they told his wife to take relatives to the hospital to say goodbye.

While “on the verge of death”, Holloway recalled what he described as “visions or memories” what was happening in the operating room.

Martin Holloway underwent intestinal surgery.

Martin Holloway underwent intestinal surgery.

When he woke up, the surgeon asked him: “Don’t you recognize me?” To which the patient replied yes. Also, he called a caregiver by name, remembered her standing next to him and other health professionals in the room.

“I thought the visions were the product of painkillers, but after waking up I wasn’t so sure,” concluded one of the men who, one might say, he died for a few seconds and came back to life.

Source: Clarin

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