Spain passes two controversial laws on abortion and sex reassignment and opens a chink in the ruling party

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In an election year and with a cracked governing coalition, Spain approved this Thursday two controversial laws that allow decisions to be made, How to terminate a pregnancy or change sex, from the age of 16. It will only be necessary to express the will to want to do it.

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Promoted by the Ministry of Equality, which in the division of portfolios between PSOE and Unidas Podemos when they formed a government in 2020 was left in the hands of Podemos, the two laws that Parliament approved this Thursday are two achievements of the ministry of Irene Moreno andliving the bonfire of the crisis between government partners.

The amendment to the abortion law, agreed months ago by the PSOE-Podemos coalition in a cabinet meeting, finally saw parliamentary approval this Thursday and will enter into force as soon as it is published in the Official State Gazette.

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Its primary and controversial focus is female free will terminate the pregnancy from the age of 16without the approval of parents who may not even know it.

An activist celebrates in front of the Spanish Congress, in Madrid, on February 16, 2023, after the vote on the

An activist celebrates in front of the Spanish Congress, in Madrid, February 16, 2023, after the ‘transgender law’ was voted. photo by AFP

The new law guarantees abortion in public hospitals and also eliminates the three-day reflection period that the previous legislation provided so that the decision was not the result of an outburst.

Create too a register of objectors for those doctors and healthcare personnel who are unwilling to perform an abortion.

And add, on the other hand, the possibility that women with painful periods They can take days off from work.

“Safe and public abortion so as not to die. Contraceptives to avoid abortion and integral sex education to decide, be free and be happy”, praised the Minister of Equal Opportunities, Irene Montero, main promoter of the modification of the law.

“The journey of this law that expands women’s sexual and reproductive rights does not end with this vote or with the publication of this law in the Official State Gazette. There will be resistance to application

Source: Clarin

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