The most frequently asked questions about sex among teenagers according to sexologists

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The desire of every parent, especially when the child reaches adolescence, is to discover those doubts that worry him the most about his own sexuality: what are the changes that take place in the body, what is puberty like, among other things. However, the biggest taboo of this stage is related to sex.

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Lara Castro-Grañén, sexologist and writer of the book SEX FAQS, points out that young people should be able to answer these questions with their families. She also explains that they should know their own body, because “this is the way to be able to make decisions based on respect, so that explore pleasure in a positive and satisfying way, as well as knowing how to create healthy relationships.

Next, the main doubts that young people have about sexuality.

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teenagers.  Photo: Shutterstock illustration

teenagers. Photo: Shutterstock illustration

What is female ejaculation?

To begin with, it must be recognized that both men and women ejaculate. “Science calls female ejaculation the liquid in whose production the paraurethral glands are involved (what would be the female prostate) and which is expelled through the ejaculatory openings,” said the sexologist.

What if I don’t get an erection in an intimate encounter?

It’s not something that happens often, even if it happens to many kids “because they’re very worried about being appreciated, about not making a bad impression and they get nervous”, according to Castro-Grañén in one of the chapters of his book.

Do girls have a harder time reaching orgasm than boys?

Orgasm does not depend on female or male gender. “The difficulty in reaching orgasm depends on psychological reasons such as not knowing oneself well enough, because one is only expecting to reach it or to make a good impression on the other person”, indicates the author.

Source: Clarin

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