Hundreds of mirrors and absolute perfection: this is the “most beautiful mask” of the Venice Carnival

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the French Karen Duthoit won the contest the most beautiful mask of the Venice Carnival 2023. A jury chaired by the artistic director of the Italian carnival, Massimo Cechettochose his creation called “astrostar”.

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Of which the mask designed and worn by the 40-year-old resident of Lille was composed hundreds of mirror fragments in reference to the theme of the year: the signs of the zodiac.

The competition began on Saturday 11 February in Piazza San Marco and concluded on the 19th of that month with the triumph of Duthoit, crowned for the perfection and creativity invested in her work. The contestants participated by parading in a stage installation and taking a photo in the mask and costume.

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an outstanding creation

The mask of the French woman was chosen among 80 finalists based on different categories: the most colourful, the most elaborate, the most detailed, the most representative of the theme.

The sum of the votes from all the individual categories allowed “Astrostar” to beat the other candidates who had been chosen by the digital audience of the carnival.

In addition to Checchetto, the jury was composed of Francis Briggiof the Pietro Longhi Atelier; Prince Maurice; Armando Bala, from the Atelier La Bauta; AND Massimo Andreolipresident and production manager of Wavents.

The French Karen Duthoit, winner of the 2023 edition.

The French Karen Duthoit, winner of the 2023 edition.

It is worth noting the outfit Karen wore in the square: a dress with a wheel with the signs of the zodiac on the shoulders which recalls, in shape, the dial of the Clock Tower in Piazza San Marco and a corset and a tutu composed of hundreds of fragments of mirrors and glass on a blue background.

The word to the experts

“The craftsmanship, the originality of the fabrics and the adherence to the theme were rewarded as this particular mask mirrored the theme of the 2023 edition,” said Checchetto.

Furthermore, the president of the jury acknowledged that in the 2023 edition there was a large number of masks and garments with “particular care and preparation” which were “highly sought after and original”.

The canal was filled with spectacular masks and costumes.  Photo: MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP

The canal was filled with spectacular masks and costumes. Photo: MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP

“I’ve been coming to Venice for eleven years: at first I only visited the Carnival, but for four years I’ve also been participating in the competition. The face of the mask was drawn entirely by hand., and also the mirrors were cut, sewn and glued by me. Everything about the dress was designed and created by me,” Karen said.

“To be here on stage and win the competition for the most beautiful mask it is the realization of a dream”, confessed the winner.

Even though the competition is over, as of this Tuesday many can still parade in their costumes and masks and receive their photo.

Source: Clarin

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