Punta del Este: Criminals who seized a mansion in a commando assault and stole collectible weapons are sent to prison

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Two of the criminals who seized a well-known villa in Punta del Este in a commando coup and stole collectible weapons They were sent to prison by the Uruguayan justicewho also ordered the precautionary custody of a man this Saturday for having covered up the fact.

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The men who entered armed and they tied up the two security guards and one of the owners are considered presumed perpetrators criminally responsible for the crime of seizure and possession and carrying of firearms in a public place.

The shocking commando coup in which at least four offenders participated It was in an exclusive house called “La maison”, located on Avenida San Pablo and next to the Golf Club.

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After taking the loot, the criminals fled in a van and then set it on fire on a nearby road at kilometer 216 of Route 10, on the border between the departments of Maldonado and Rocha.

As reported by the head of the Maldonado department and reported by the Uruguayan newspaper Villagefrom the place where they took “a Chevrolet Tracker trucks, cell phones, ammo, and a total of 20 collectible firearms. Being ten pistols (brand; Berreta, Luvo CZ, Colt, Canik, Glock, SugSauer, Bersa among others), five rifles (brands Mossberg, Steyr among others), one shotgun (Doruk brand), two submachine guns (Sti , Uzi ), a rifle (brand Norico) and a revolver (brand Taurus)”.

The police were notified when just before 6.30am on Wednesday one of the victims managed to free herself and called 911.

Village He specified that “Maldonado’s investigators verified, through the video surveillance system of the Unified Command Center in coordination with the 4th shift prosecutor, that the Chevrolet truck had headed towards Rocha”.

Finally the van they escaped in was found burnt out in an area known as “El Canelón”.

The Palace of Punta del Este.  Google Street View photo.

The Palace of Punta del Este. Google Street View photo.

The assaulted mansion is a luxury property, one of the most impressive and important in Punta del Este, located in the Golf district.

The main house measures 1,718 m2, spread over two floors on a 5,918 lot. half a block “La Maison is an ideal residence for lovers of good living, who love the luxury and comfort that this wonderful property has, fantastic to live in all months of the year”, wrote the auction house to promote it.

Source: Clarin

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