Mhoni Vidente foresees something terrifying for the coming months: “the devil will be more present than ever”

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Cuban astrologer Mhoni Vidente has given her predictions for the Age of Pisces, which began on February 21, and related both to people with this zodiac sign and to the series of international events which will take place in the coming weeks.

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The tarot reader and astrologer explained that work, emotional and family abundance will come for Pisces.

However, he predicted that a “rebellion of the human being” has begun, something that will have major consequences, such as coups, bombings and attacks with military weapons.

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“The devil will be more present than ever,” Mhoni Vidente said.

Mhoni Seer.  The Cuban astrologer and tarot reader who predicted the beginning of the Apocalypse in 2023.

Mhoni Seer. The Cuban astrologer and tarot reader who predicted the beginning of the Apocalypse in 2023.

Mhoni Vidente’s predictions for the Age of Pisces

Mhoni Vidente explained that tension will be predominant in several Latin American countries where there are important political movements.

Demonstrations in Peru,

Demonstrations in Peru,

On the one hand, China would seek to expand through the “invasion” of Latin American countries: “The letter from the tower for Latin America indicates that one must be very careful and keep an eye out because in the Age of Pisces we will talk about invasions of foreigners, spies involved in governments”.

The astrologer also predicted political conflicts in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, where the reaction of peoples will play a leading role in bringing down governments: “attacks are coming, coups d’état, movements of people, people leaves for the streets, tanks in the streets that will start to fear the population”, assured Mhoni Vidente.

Repression and demonstrations.

Repression and demonstrations.

UFOs and climate disasters according to Mhoni Vidente

The astrologer referred to the climate issue and the “never seen” natural disaster that could occur in the coming weeks: “The departure of the North Pole, that completely frozen region will start to separate,” he explained.

Regarding UFOs, Mhoni Vidente explained that in 2023 “It will be essential in matters of UFO sighting. Even things from the universe, sounds from other planets, very strange things will start to happen.”

Furthermore, the tarot reader has established this “Humanity will begin to open its eyes.”

Mhoni explained that there is life outside planet Earth, pointing at the deniers of the issue at hand: “We will realize that we are not alone, we never have been.”

More Mhoni Vidente predictions for 2023

Before the arrival of 2023, the seer explained: “There is something that will be seen in the sky that will come so close to the Earth that it will begin to move all energies, both positive and negative.”

Apocalypse.  Mhoni Vidente said what the end of the world would be like.

Apocalypse. Mhoni Vidente said what the end of the world would be like.

In this sense he explained that it is “a meteorite that has not crossed the planet for more than 5,000 years. It has made changes to the Earth in the past”.

The way to protect yourself from bad energy according to Mhoni Vidente, is “drink holy water, cut your hair or do a ritual.”

According to Mhoni, “The arrival of (archangel) Uriel on the earthly plane will mean the beginning of the Apocalypse. Although there will be moments of tension, wars and conflicts in various nations, this envoy “will be able to defeat the devil”.

Mhoni Seer.  He predicted catastrophes and climate change.

Mhoni Seer. He predicted catastrophes and climate change.

In 2022, the astrologer revealed when this event would take place and surprised thousands of her followers who made her every word go viral.

In one of his videos on the YouTube channel, Mhoni Vidente set a date for the end times and considered that “the apocalypse will be in the year 2031, a collapse of energy, climate is expected, along with new pandemics. There’s not much time left.”

Source: Clarin

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