The horror film that caused nausea and discomfort in most viewers who saw it in theaters

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The Outwaters became famous for the unpleasant reactions it caused in viewers such as bouts of nausea and anxiety during its theatrical release in the United States.

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creepy horror movie The Outwaters It left spectators so restless that some fled the theater because they felt very unwell.

in her, a group of four friends travels to the Mojave desert to try to record a video musical before all hell breaks loose and they are beset by disturbing events.

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"The Outwaters" in the Mojave Desert.

“The Outwaters” in the Mojave Desert.

‘The Outwaters’: The immersive horror film that makes viewers puke

Viewers of the film took to Twitter to try to process what they had just witnessed, after seeing the Robbie Banfitch film.

“The Outwaters” it’s almost two hours long, it’s shot with a handheld camera as its axis is the find of three memory cards in the Mojave desert.

It all starts with a terrifying 911 call in which an operator tries to restrain a desperate screaming person.

And then almost nothing happens for what seems like a long time. The headlines reveal that this found footage was edited by the authorities, but the truth is that the police allegedly cut the material.

"The Outwaters".  It lasts more than two hours.

“The Outwaters”. It lasts more than two hours.

The Outwaters It’s a slow-paced film, offering footage most people would write off as it introduces the leads: Robbie (Robbie Banfitch), Michelle (Michelle May), Scott (Scott Shamell), and Ange (Angela Basolis).

Banfitch is also the director, cinematographer and editor of ‘The Outwaters’, which gives the set an extra layer of immediacy as it really looks these people are playing variations on themselves.

The film doesn’t have much editing work either, as the director shot grainy shots, with a lot of visual sensationalism and cheating throughout most of the footage. All image clutter is an aesthetic decision.

The film has a lot to do with The Blair Witch Project. and approaches the limit between believable and fictional.

The film aims to attack the nervous system of the viewer, all we know is this a group of friends retired in the desert are mercilessly slaughtered by presumably alien forms in a torrent of blood, screams, gasps, guts and impossible plans.

"The Outwaters" -

“The Outwaters” –

The reaction of the spectators

After seeing the film in Virginia, one viewer noted, “I’m still processing #TheOutwaters. I’m not sure if it worked for me because it’s a horror movie because it shows impossible things.”

The same user pointed out that “the sound made me so dizzy I had to leave the theater to throw up. It had never happened to me,” she concluded.

"The Blair Witch Project".

“The Blair Witch Project”.

Another viewer wrote: “#TheOutwaters is one of the craziest nightmares I’ve seen in a long time. I was literally shaking in the cinema.”

Another viewer wrote, “Very creepy this story of young people looking for something different and getting it – my stomach turned over and over watching it,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The Outwaters” earned a 71% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but fell short on IMDb, with an overall rating of 5.2/10.

Source: Clarin

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