Shingeki no Kyojin, final season: what time does part 3 of Attack on Titan open, where and how to see it

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fans of “shingeki no kyojin“You don’t have to wait any longer: this Friday 3rd March the first chapter of the third part of the Last season. The creators of the animated fiction divided their latest installment into several parts, which would remain in one season 4.3.1 and in another 4.3.2.

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While there was speculation that the premiere would be either an hour-long chapter or three 20-minute episodes strung together, the series’ producers made no reference to them. Similarly, some sources speak of a specific possibility: that the expected arrival of the production is at a special hour.

The one who will be the chapter 88 will follow the story of My homeArmin, Jean, Connie, Hange, Reiner, Annie, Pieck and Levi, in their attempt to stop erencapable of destroying the world after activating “Rumble”.

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How can you see the new episode of “Shingeki no Kyojin”?

The third part of “Attack on Titan” will be available on the streaming service Crispwhich after its premiere in Japan will upload it with subtitles for almost all countries.

"Shingeki no Kyojin" can be seen on the Crunchyroll service.

“Shingeki no Kyojin” can be seen on the Crunchyroll service.

The next episode, after the first part, has no release date. However, some rumors indicate that it will reach the screens for end 2023. It must be taken into account that this type of productions long development timeso it is normal that the wait for the new season is long.

When will the special episode air?

Although the launch is scheduled for this March 3, the times will vary according to the country. In Japancan be seen at 00.25 on the 4th, and in other parts of the world it will arrive at the following times:

  • United States (Atlantic Time): March 3 at 10:25am.
  • United States (Pacific Time): March 3 at 08:25.
  • Mexico: March 3 at 09:25.
  • Spain: March 3rd at 4.25pm
  • Cuba: March 3 at 09:25.
  • Argentina: March 3 at 12:25.
  • Honduras and Guatemala: March 3 at 09:25.

Source: Clarin

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