What to do if your passport is lost in the US?

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United States of America It is one of the destinations that many travelers from all over the world choose to spend their holidays. And the reason is that it offers large and exemplary cities, extraordinary national parks, beautiful beaches throughout its geography. Although it is a “medium security” country, as established by the renowned Global Peace Index 2022, this does not mean that it does not have insecurity considerable, and you are not exempt from being the victim of an accident.

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In case of theft and loss of your passport or you Visait is very important to follow the steps indicated by the local authorities, as this documentation is extremely delicate and vital for your stay in the country.

Report the incident to the authorities

This is very important if your passport is stolen or lost. raise a official complaint to the local police station is the first thing to do. Something that might help if you lose your paperwork is to have a copy of your original paperwork, which will make the process easier.

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The loss must be immediately reported to the Police Headquarters.  Photo: Shutterstock.

The loss must be immediately reported to the Police Headquarters. Photo: Shutterstock.

Once the complaint has been filed, the next step is to report what happened to the embassy oa consulate corresponding. This will log the issue for the country of origin. In this place, members of the entity will advise you on the steps to follow and how to process a replacement passport or visa until you return to your country of origin.

Some problems that may occur is if there is no embassy or consulate of the country of origin in the United States. If so, the processing costs would increase significantlysince the new documentation must be processed through the embassy of the nearest country whoever is found

The non-profit association AARP extension gives two main recommendations on the matter: always make copies of all personal documents before traveling abroad e take note of the location from your country’s embassies to your destination.

Many governments around the world have websites where they provide information on how to start processing a stolen passport or visa report. For example, the official US government website under the “US Passports” section.

Source: Clarin

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