China: Paid to fake his funeral to see how his loved ones would react to his death

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Who has never thought how many people would attend his funeral or mourn his death, cast the first stone. In Chinaa man decided to take up the matter and find out.

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An old man who was just wondering if anyone would care about his death he decided to arrange his own funeral while he was alivea pantomime that aroused the sympathy of the Asian country’s social networks but infuriated the authorities.

There, a first clue, both about his presumed death and about the social experiment.

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The 84-year-old man, surnamed Zhang, spent the equivalent of $2,900 in late February on a funeral procession in his city in east Anhui province, and video of the “performance” has gone viral, it reported Friday . the South China Morning Post.

On the morning of the funeral, more than one hundred “mourners” gathered at Zhang’s home for a banquet, followed by a three-hour procession in which the old man passed through the village lying in a red coffin carried in a truck.

First by giving continuity to his “death”, even if in the video you can see how he moves his feet, but it doesn’t arouse suspicions, and then, sitting and waving to the surprised and no longer so grieved.

Later, the man explained that he got the idea after buying a coffin in anticipation of his death, ever since feels very lonely since his wife died two years ago and his adult children have moved.

Zhang felt that arranging his funeral while he was alive would keep him entertained and happy.and he assured that it was worth the money because he really liked it.

Despite the support of the neighbors, local authorities believe the funeral procession was disrespectful of tradition and the deadSo now it’s under investigation.

On Chinese social media, however, the elderly man has generated sympathy for his positive approach to death: “I admire his attitude towards life and I hope he reaches a hundred years old,” said one user, while another said that ” even though he is alone, Zhang knows how to enjoy life.”

“Get Low”, a fiction surpassed by reality

The film is set in the 1930s and Felix Bush, who lives as a hermit in the forest, is a mystery to others.

Rumors surround him that he killed himself in cold blood or that he is in cahoots with the devil.

Then the Tennessee town is shocked when Felix shows up at Reverend Gassy Horton’s church with a large amount of money and requests a “funeral feast” for him, which Reverend Horton refuses to do.

Frank Quinn, the financially strapped owner of a local funeral home, covets Bush’s money and agrees to advertise and help organize a funeral party.

Citizens and others in the area are invited to attend the event and tell Felix Bush the stories they have heard about him.

Source: Clarin

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