He underwent surgery to correct the curvature of his penis but the result leaves him devastated

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A man was operated on at correct the curvature of your penis. However, the results of the operation weren’t what he expected, which leaves him devastated; and he now he asks to be compensated.

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The point is, man suffered a shortening of six centimeters of the penis and now he suffers from it erectile dysfunctionwith whom it is impossible to have sexual relations.

The man, operated on at the General University Hospital Santa Lucía de Cartagena, in Murcia, he claims to have been through an ordeal and that no one warned him of the consequences of this type of intervention.

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The man had his penis shortened by six centimeters and is now suffering from erectile dysfunction,

The man had his penis shortened by six centimeters and is now suffering from erectile dysfunction,

For this reason the man, whose name has not been disclosed, has demanded 67,600 euros to the Murciano Health Service (SMS), in Spain.

an irreversible situation

The patient reinforces the argument that he is asking for this amount of compensation by giving it the situation can not go back.

After learning of the outcome of the operation, he went to the La Fe hospital in Valencia, where they confirmed that nothing could be done to reverse the shortening of his penis and that his problem had no solution.

erectile dysfunction.  Shutterstock photographic illustration.

erectile dysfunction. Shutterstock photographic illustration.

As reported Murcia’s opinionthe Murcia Region Legal Council (CJRM) ruled against the interested party’s application, arguing that there is no causal relationship between the damage suffered and the way Murcia’s public services proceeded.

Said organ explained that the man was informed that there was a possibility of a shortening in all the informative consultations in which he participated, since it is a very common circumstance in this type of intervention in which it is a matter of modifying the curvature of the penis.

Source: The Vanguard

Source: Clarin

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