“Pablo EscoBear”: stuffed body of bear who died after eating 20 kilos of cocaine up for auction

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In a blatant takeover call Pablo EscoOrso, aka the mythical “Cocaine Bear”, arguably the most famous stuffed mammal in the world, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! filed an appeal to acquire the body of the

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Ripley’s, the American franchise known for its extravagant collection of memorabilia, seems almost desperate acquire the stuffed body of Pablo EscoBear to add to his collection of rarities.

In an interview with the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall website, Ripley’s spokeswoman Sabrina Sieck explained the franchise’s intentions. “We would like to give Pablo Escobear a home and rank him among the most famous hibernators in history.“.

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While the intent is clear, the amount Ripley’s is willing to pay for EscoBear has not yet been confirmed.

Pablo Esco Bear.  The bear that has become a legend after a tragic end.

Pablo Esco Bear. The bear that has become a legend after a tragic end.

Because Ripley’s wants to buy Pablo EscoBear

The sudden interest in the stuffed mammal that died from eating cocaine comes after the Elizabeth Bank film “Cocaine Bear,” which grossed $23.1 million in its opening weekend. .

Ripley’s believes that such a famous bear, despite its bad luck, deserves to be displayed as a featured piece.

If added to Ripley’s collection of oddities and historical artifacts, Pablo EscoBear would rank among some of the most curious hibernators in history, such as a black bear found with a rubber band around its waist.

I would also share the space with Gatlinburg; a brown bear trained in the Russian circus to ride a bicycle. As well as skeletons of prehistoric cave bears.

“We are very serious. That is why we are convinced that Pablo EscoBear has great historical value,” Sieck told the Courier Journal. “We want the bear to have more than one life instead of just being a pop culture failure.”

Pablo EscoBear: the bear who consumed cocaine and died

In 1985, when police in Georgia, USA found the body of the bear, later named Pablo EscoBear, lifeless. the cause of his death was as strange as it was unmistakable: a cocaine overdose.

The bear was found next to a duffel bag that had been filled with more than twenty kilos of cocaine before being dropped from a drug smuggler’s plane.

Cocaine bear.

Cocaine bear.

And the animal’s corpse went on an incredible journey.

On September 11, 1985, An elderly Kentucky man named Fred Myers woke up to find a dead man in his driveway.

As if that weren’t strange enough, the deceased man wore a bulletproof vest, Gucci loafers, night vision goggles, a large backpack, and a parachute.

Objects that tell the story of Pablo EscoBear.

Objects that tell the story of Pablo EscoBear.

When police arrived and investigated further, they found he was also carrying two handguns, a pair of knives, $4,500 in cash, rope and food.

Three months after Thornton’s death, eThe black bear was found dead in the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia.the same forest where the plane crashed.

The animal was surrounded by 40 empty packages that had been opened, all containing cocaine. Unfortunately he had eaten almost all of them.

The Sad End of Pablo EscoBear’s Body: The Miracle Cocaine Bear?

Pablo EscoBear's body made a long journey across the United States.

Pablo EscoBear’s body made a long journey across the United States.

In early 1990, a forest fire forced National Recreation Area staff to temporarily relocate the bear, which had been stuffed, to a store to keep it in good condition.

Then, after just a month in the warehouse, it was kidnapped by an unknown thief who sold it to a pawn shop.

In turn, the pawn shop owner sold it to country musician Waylon Jennings, who gave it to a friend of his who lived in Las Vegas, a certain Ron Thompson, well known dealer and party planner in Sin City.

Pablo Esco Bear.  The miracle bear?

Pablo Esco Bear. The miracle bear?

Thompson displayed the bear in his giant mansion outside Las Vegas until 2009, when it died.

According to his relativesThompson told him about Pablo EscoBear as a confidant and was convinced that the embalmed body worked wonders.

Source: Clarin

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