“Resident Evil 4” remake: what time does the demo come out and how to play

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Every day there is less for the premiere of the remake of the famous horror video game”Resident Evil 4Its premiere is scheduled for the day March 24th of 2023, but the developers have announced that a demonstration what it will look like and what kind of gameplay the new version will have.

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An announcement that has begun to circulate on the streaming platform contraction shows that during the night of March 9th fans of the video game will be able to enjoy a demonstration of what to expect from the remake. While it doesn’t say so explicitly, everything seems to indicate that the demo will be released via the special Capcom reflectorsa presentation of the Japanese company that produces the game.

What time will the “Resident Evil 4” remake demo be released and how to watch it?

According to the announcement that went viral on Twitch, it is very likely that the premiere will take place during the Capcom Spotlight broadcast. This event can be seen on 2:30 PM PT oa 6.30pm, besides that in Spain it would be at 11.30pm. Capcom, on the other hand, will show previews of its other productions, such as “The Rise of the Monster Hunter“, the remastering of “Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective” and “Mega Man Battle Network: Legacy Collection”, among others.

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The user of the social network Twitter Daniel S. Kennedy He showed in his account what the announcement of the demo via Twitch looked like, in a comment about another user who claimed to have seen an advertisement promoting the premiere of a video game demo.

What will the remake of the video game be about?

The story of the new edition, like the original video game, takes place six years after the biological disaster in Raccoon City. People Leon S Kennedysurvived the events shown in “resident evil 2“, is sent to the rescue of the daughter of the president of the United States, who has been kidnapped. The official synopsis adds: “Following his trail, he arrives in a remote Spanish town, where its inhabitants suffer a terrible disease. Thus begins this story of daring rescue and bone-chilling terror where life and death, fear and catharsis intersect.”

Source: Clarin

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