After being fined for not wearing a seat belt, British prime minister cautioned for walking his dog off-leash

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british prime minister, Rishi Sunakwas recorded while He walked his dog off leash in London’s Hyde Park, a prohibited practice, which has led to a warning from the police.

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The episode adds to previous embarrassing acts for the politician, which include a fine for not wearing a seat belt and another for violating anti-covid laws during the pandemic.

The images, widely shared on social media TikTok, show Nova, the conservative head of government’s dog, walking without a leash in the capital’s royal park. The registration also displays signs stating that dogs must be kept on a lead.

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“We are aware of a video showing a dog being walked off-leash in Hyde Park,” a London police spokesman said.

“An officer who was present at the scene spoke to a woman and reminded her of the rules,” the same source continued.

The named person, who appears to be Sunak’s wife Akshata Murty, “put his leash back on,” he added.

Sunak’s spokesman refused to comment on the embarrassing episode which had strong repercussions on 2.0 platforms.

Sunak, who took over as prime minister in late October, has been fined for not wearing a seat belt while filming video from the back seat of a car in northern England.

He acknowledged his ‘mistake’ at the time and apologised, having denounced Downing Street on the so-called ‘seatbeltgate’.

When he was still former prime minister Boris Johnson’s finance minister, Sunak also received a fine for attending a birthday party for the head of government, in the midst of covid-19. The scandal is known as “partygate”.

Sunak and his unusual bad moment on wheels

In January 2023, the British prime minister had to publicly apologize and pay a fine of just over $600 after being filmed in a service car without wearing his seat belt.

Lancashire Police said they saw a video “circulating on social media showing an unbelted passenger in a moving car in Lancashire”. The force said, without mentioning Sunak’s name, that it “sent a 42-year-old man from London a conditional offer of a fixed sentence”.

In a statement, Sunak’s office said “the prime minister fully accepts that this was a mistake and has apologised”.

Sunak took over as prime minister of the United Kingdom in October, pledging “integrity, professionalism and responsibility” after tumultuous years in which Johnson was ousted following various scandals and his successor, Liz Truss, ousted after his policies they destabilized the British economy.

Source: Clarin

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