Making thousands of dollars cleaning houses naked: ‘There are few creepy people’

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Lottie Rae she recently shared her story and her statements caught the attention of several British media outlets. Why? for his unique work.

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Lottie has been cleaning homes for over 5 years. But she does it like no one else in the field: she does it naked.

Rae, who is English, is 32 years old and calls herself a “free spirit”, earns £50 an hour, which suggests that she already has she earned thousands of pounds working as a domestic worker.

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The woman charges £50 an hour.  Photo: Lottie Rae Instagram

The woman charges £50 an hour. Photo: Lottie Rae Instagram

“I’m always looking for ways to make some extra cash and I love being naked, so I thought ‘ok, I’ll give it a shot,'” said Lottie, who has an Instagram account and an official website where she shares her experiences with her clients. .

Your customers

Since it started, in 2017, Rae has a wide range of clients, ranging from naturists to older men wanting company or young people wanting to try ‘something different’. And most are friendly.

There are some people who are creepy” who “expect something more,” Lottie clarified in dialogue with the Daily Mail.

Rae is clear that she works houses “just to clean”. She knows there are people who will say that she, like other women, can be a stripper or “give massages.” “The money definitely helped. I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t paid.”

It has a wide range of customers.  Photo: Daily Mail

It has a wide range of customers. Photo: Daily Mail

How did it start?

The woman has started cleaning houses naked in her neighborhood to get some extra money. He did it after dabbling in side businesses, like selling second-hand clothes.

However, he didn’t attend his first fieldwork because he got scared when he saw on Google Maps what the house he was supposed to look like.

Likewise, time has changed its location. “But in the future I thought ‘I can do this’ and started taking jobs. I’ve met all kinds of people over the years.”

“I cleaned one of my clients three times total, and her house was the dirtiest house I’ve ever come across, full of dirt and grime,” Rae said.

The woman defines herself as a "free spirit".  Photo: Lottie Rae

The woman defines herself as a “free spirit”. Photo: Lottie Rae’s website

his first experience

On her website, Lottie invites surfers into the “world of naked cleaning.”

In one of her articles, for example, she describes her first experience as a cleaner.

He said it was “pretty easy” and “anonymous”. He was assisted by a boy on crutches who explained that he suffered an injury after an accident and thought a naked cleaner could help him vacuum.

“My mind was in full anxiety mode, but I tried to exude an air of confidence like I always do. I asked him if he had hired a cleaner before, to which he said no, her face went a nice shade of red,” she said.

“I admitted this was my first job and I had no idea what I was doing. In retrospect, I wondered if he would regret paying a fortune for a completely inept cleaning lady.”

Source: Clarin

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